Making MongoDB Deployment Even Easier With Bitnami's One-Click Deployment Tool

Matt Asay
Nov 14, 2013

One of the primary reasons for MongoDB's popularity is what a friend of mine calls "developer ergonomics." Simply put, MongoDB is very easy to install, configure, maintain and use.

In partnership with Bitnami, the MongoDB development experience just got even better.

Given MongoDB's popularity with web developers, it's increasingly deployed in conjunction with a few...

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Happy Birthday to the Richmond MongoDB User Group

Nov 13, 2013

It’s been a year since the Richmond MUG’s first meeting last fall kicked off with an introduction to MongoDB. Here are some highlights from their first year.

  • Robert Fehrmann discussed mongoctl, an open source tool from MongoLab that simplifies the administrative tasks of managing MongoDB instances and clusters. He also introduced mongorctl, an application built by Snagajob to manage...

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Reinventing Data Management for Government Websites

Nov 12, 2013

The Obama administration faces ongoing criticism for the problems with its website and registration system. Connectivity issues as well as a data center crash due to overwhelming site traffic frustrated millions of Americans who had expected a functional government service.

Learning From Experience

Mike Bracken, the first executive Director of Digital for the UK, reflected on...

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Meet Eliot and the MongoDB Team at AWS re:Invent

Meghan Gill
Nov 12, 2013

Deploying MongoDB on AWS? You’re not alone. While we don’t provide exact numbers, a large percentage of MongoDB users deploy on Amazon. In fact, In fact, MongoDB is one of the most widely deployed databases on AWS according to StackDriver, a monitoring service for AWS.

Many of these users will be convening in Las Vegas this week for AWS re:Invent.

The MongoDB team will be at the conference...

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Introducing the MongoDB Management Service Activity Feed

Meghan Gill
Nov 11, 2013

Now it’s even easier to let MongoDB Management Service (MMS) alert you of performance issues. When you log into MMS to monitor your servers, you'll see that we’ve combined alerts and events into a single activity feed. We've also added several new features for an overall improved user experience.

The Activity tab in MMS now provides you with a consolidated view of events as well as open...

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What We’re Reading (And Watching)

Nov 8, 2013

Here’s another week’s worth of news from the MongoDB community.

Mike Friedman: Floating Points-Perl and MongoDB

MongoLab: Dive Deep Into Connection Pooling

InfoWorld: 9 Trends for 2014 and Beyond

(VIDEO) TechCrunch: Dwight Merriman Featured on Founder Stories

Build a Cloud: FluentD Recipe for CloudStack

TechCrunch: BitNami Launches MongoDB Stack

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Upcoming Webinar: Relational Databases to MongoDB Migration - Considerations and Best Practices

Nov 6, 2013

As data volume and user loads continue to grow exponentially, new rich data structures and agile development methods are encouraging many organizations to move away from relational databases for their evolving applications.

In a webinar on November 7, Mat Keep, Principle Product Marketing Manager, will present considerations project teams must make as they plan their migration to MongoDB....

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Upcoming Webinar: Tuning MongoDB for Next Generation Storage

Nov 5, 2013

Storage architecture can have a direct impact on MongoDB performance and the architecture of MongoDB makes it ideal for large-scale deployments. NoSQL databases are designed from the ground up to be distributed with more hosts for better performance. By leveraging solid-state drive technology with concepts like storage virtualization, high-quality service, and horizontal scaling, storage...

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What We’re Reading

Nov 1, 2013

Here’s another weekly roundup of some great articles on MongoDB:

Asya Kamsky: Aggregations Over Time, Part 1 and Part 2

MongoDirector: MongoDirector Now Supports Shards

MongoDB: Schema Design for Time Series Data

MongoDB: Schema Design for Inboxes

New York Times Business Day: Corner Office Interview with MongodB Co-Founder Dwight Merriman

Money.CNN: At MetLife, Technology is the Best Policy


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