MongoDB for GIANT Stories

Healthcare Compliance Platform Enables Hospitals to Achieve Significant Savings in Drug Discounts

July 25, 2016

MongoDB Delivers Performance, Scale and Functionality to Help Verity Solutions Drive Competitive Advantage with Data-intensive Application

Verity Solutions is driven to help healthcare organizations save money so they can extend care to those who need it most. Their technology enables hospitals to maintain compliance and maximize cost savings related to the healthcare industry law known as 340B....

Leaf in the Wild: Migrates to MongoDB, Bringing Apps to Market 2x Faster than Relational Databases

Mat Keep
July 20, 2016

Out-Innovating Competitors with MongoDB, Microservices, Docker, Hadoop, and the Cloud

Internet and mobile technologies put power firmly in the hands of the customer. Nowhere more so than in the world of price comparison services, allowing users to find the best deals for them with just a few clicks or swipes. has grown to become one of the UK’s leading providers, and one of ...

Visualizing your data with MongoDB Compass

Jason Ma
July 19, 2016


Since the inception of MongoDB, the primary interface to the database has been the mongo shell. While the shell is incredibly powerful, it can be intimidating for new users, and let's face it — there are lots of things about managing data and a database that are easier to do with a GUI.

In MongoDB 3.2 we introduced MongoDB Compass — our GUI for MongoDB. Our goal with Compass is t...

MongoDB and Cisco: Creating a Fully Orchestrated Continuous Delivery Pipeline for Rapid Platform Upgrades

July 15, 2016

OpenStack with Puppet and MongoDB Ops Manager Automates Database Provisioning Across Multiple Data Centers

Cisco uses MongoDB in multiple projects across the company. At MongoDB World this year, two of its software developers presented how they had built a fully automated Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipeline to enable one of their largest customers to rapidly push new fea...

MongoDB World 2016 is a wrap! Presentations now available.

Meghan Gill
July 15, 2016

Thank you to the 2000+ in-person attendees, 2,000+ live stream viewers, and 30+ sponsors who attended MongoDB World. For those of you who were unable to attend, we’ve gathered our favorite highlights into our Extend the Experience microsite.

Visit Extend the Experience

MongoDB Atlas

Leading up to MongoDB World, we told you something giant was coming. We were excited to announce and demo MongoDB ...

MongoDB and Apache Spark at China Eastern Airlines: Delivering 100x Performance Improvements

Mat Keep
July 14, 2016

New MongoDB Connector for Apache Spark Enables New Fare Calculation Engine, Supporting 180m Fares and 1.6 billion Queries per Day, Migrated off Oracle.

As one of the world’s largest airlines, China Eastern constantly explores emerging technologies to identify new ways of improving customer experience and reducing cost.

Earlier this year, I interviewed its engineering leaders to learn more about ...

MongoDB 3.2.8 is released

July 13, 2016

MongoDB 3.2.8 is out and is ready for production deployment. This release contains only fixes since 3.2.7, and is a recommended upgrade for all 3.2 users.

This release candidate includes fixes for two obscure race conditions in the WiredTiger storage engine, WT-2696 and WT-2706, that may cause updates to be missed during an unclean shutdown. Although extremely difficult to trigger, MongoDB users r...

MongoDB at Baidu: Powering 100+ Apps Across 600 Nodes at PB Scale

Mat Keep
July 08, 2016

Multi-Tenant Cluster Storing 200+ Billion Documents across 160 Shards

In one of the busiest sessions at this year’s MongoDB World user conference, Xiao Beibei, DevOps engineer at Baidu, provided insight into what has grown to become the largest MongoDB deployment in Greater China.

As China’s largest internet services company, and the 4th most trafficked website on the planet based on Alexa rankin...