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MongoDB Takes Center Stage at Ticketmaster

The world leader in selling tickets, Ticketmaster spent more than a decade developing apps extensively on Oracle and MySQL. The ticketing giant recently added MongoDB to the mix to complement existing database technologies with increased flexibility and performance, and decreased costs and time-to-market. “Database performance and scale are a huge part of what we do, ensuring we can sell tickets 24/7,” said Ed Presz , VP of Database Services at Live Nation/Ticketmaster. MongoDB currently plays a key role in TM+ , Ticketmaster’s newest app covering the secondary, resale market. It will also be used in the future for a new app called Concerts, including venue view, B2B session recovery and client reports. “We’re moving to an agile devops environment and our developers love MongoDB’s ease of deployment and flexibility,” said Presz. Presz also highly recommends MongoDB’s MMS and has also been pleased with MongoDB’s Enterprise Support. “We were new to MongoDB, about to go into production and we were a bit scared,” he said. “One of the things I was pushing hard for was enterprise support, so we’d have someone we could call. MongoDB’s enterprise support has been fantastic.” Ticketmaster is a good example of how an organization can benefit both developmentally and operationally from MongoDB. To see all MongoDB World presentations, visit the [MongoDB World Presentations](https://www.mongodb.com/mongodb-world/presentations) page.

June 30, 2014