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Learn how leading telcos differentiate with MongoDB

MongoDB is the world’s most popular NoSQL database , and nowhere is this more true than in the telecommunications (Telco) market. It would be hard to name a major Telco that isn’t already using MongoDB, many in serious production. From Orange to Telefonica to O2 , MongoDB is the default NoSQL database for the Telco market. The Telco market was among the first to embrace MongoDB, in large part because legacy relational database technology (RDBMS) locked these companies into rigid data schemas that made it hard to adapt to new business requirements. Paramount among those requirements are flexibility and performance. Today, Telcos confront competition not only from companies offering similar technologies (e.g., two wireless operators) but from companies offering the same applications over different technologies (e.g., a landline and wireless operator), wholesale operators with different cost structures and nimble startups offering competitive applications over the Internet. Opportunities for new subscriber growth are limited, with mobile penetration in most rich countries exceeding 100%, fixed-line subscriptions falling and pay-TV subscriptions flat in many countries. Telcos are therefore turning to their existing subscriber bases for revenue growth, considering new revenue streams like targeted advertising and additional value-added services, like over-the-top video and consumer cloud storage, to increase their revenue per user. To make such projects successful, many Telcos are turning to MongoDB to create a flexible data infrastructure, as explained in 10gen’s white paper: “ Agility in the Age of Apps: How the Next Generation of Databases Can Create New Opportunities for Telecoms .” This white paper offers clear guidance on how to turn MongoDB to competitive advantage. Representatives from Telcos and other industries should consider attending our upcoming webinar, “ How Telcos Use MongoDB ,” which will identify how operators are increasingly leveraging MongoDB to develop new applications quickly and secure new revenue streams. The webinar will be April 2, 2013. Please register today. No Telco need resign itself to being reduced to a “dumb pipe,” incapable of product differentiation and consequent profits. A winning MongoDB-based infrastructure can help. Please download 10gen’s white paper and/or attend the April 2 webinar to learn how to put NoSQL to use in driving innovation within your telecommunications company. Tagged with: Telecommunications, Telco, telecom, flexibility, MongoDB, webinar, white paper

March 25, 2013