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Speaker Lineup for MongoDB San Francisco

MongoDB San Francisco , 10gen’s most popular event of the year, is coming up on May 10. San Francisco has become a stronghold of tech innovation, and our lineup of exceptional speakers is testament to the exceptional MongoDB-powered ecosystem in the Bay Area. Here are just a few of the awesome talks on the agenda for MongoDB San Francisco: Using MongoDB for Groupon's Place Data, by Peter Bakkum, Member of Technical Staff, Groupon The Merchant data team at Groupon uses MongoDB to create “the most comprehensive database of places and merchants in the world.” This is a mission-critical part of the Groupon platform providing real-time data for the business. In this session, get an inside view of Groupon’s MongoDB cluster: Peter will introduce attendees to the data model, data processing pipeline and the dynamics of parallel querying in their Storm cluster. Managing a Maturing MongoDB Ecosystem, by Charity Majors, Systems Engineer, Parse Parse, which was recently acquired by Facebook , provides scalable, cross-platform services and tools for developers. Parse engineer, Charity Majors, has a tremendous amount of experience managing Parse’s MongoDB clusters from their infancy into their golden years and will show best practices for keeping MongoDB clusters healthy. Charity’s scaling and performance tuning tips will help you become a MongoDB ops specialist. How ServiceSource Revolutionized Its Business and Moved to the Cloud with MongoDB, by Greg Olsen, CTO, ServiceSource In late 2012, ServiceSource released Renew OnDemand, designed to increase recurring revenue for the world's largest technology companies. Built on MongoDB, Renew is representative of a new generation of cloud-native enterprise applications that exploit innovative datastore and compute approaches to achieve fundamental improvements in capability and scale. Greg Olsen, CTO of ServiceSource, will discuss how his team has implemented MongoDB in a sharded environment, describe some of the unique characteristics of the platform and provide insight into how other service providers can be equally adaptive using MongoDB. Storing eBay's Media Metadata on MongoDB , by Yuri Finkelstein, Architect, eBay eBay is the largest secondary marketplace on the web. The eBay development team has been using MongoDB for project Zoom, where they store all of the website’s metadata, which includes references to every item’s photos on eBay. This cluster is eBay's first of many MongoDB installations on the platform, and was chosen for its flexible data model and improved performance. Yuri Finkelstein, an Enterprise Architect on the team, will provide a technical overview of this mission-critical project and its underlying architecture and discuss why the team chose MongoDB for project Zoom. MongoDB and Meteor: an Architecture for Real-time Web Apps, Matt DeBergalis, Architect, Meteor Meteor is a new JavaScript application platform -- specifically designed to work with MongoDB -- for building modern real-time web applications. These applications, like live analytics dashboards or those that show live data feeds, all have a way to send real-time updates to connected users when documents in their database change. Meteor and MongoDB offer an elegant architecture for managing the flow of data in a realtime app using the familiar MongoDB APIs. This talk will dig into the architecture of a realtime app built on MongoDB. Matt will cover tips and tricks for using MongoDB in a realtime app and demonstrate some of the design patterns they’ve developed. A Year of Monitoring Production Deployments with MongoDB , Simon Maynard, Co-Founder, Bugsnag Bugsnag is a fast growing error monitoring service for web and mobile applications that is processing millions of errors every day, and was designed from the ground up to utilize MongoDB and its strengths. In this talk, CTO Simon Maynard will discuss hints and tips from two years of running production MongoDB deployments. The talk will cover all aspects of developing for and maintaining a MongoDB deployment, including using the profiler to tune performance, as well as schema and index design considerations and what to monitor and how to monitor it. Want to see these talks and more? Join the community at MongoDB San Francisco : use the discount code mongodb_blog for 25% off on tickets.

April 30, 2013

Derick's MongoDB and PHP American Road Trip

This was originally posted on Derick Rethans’ personal blog Some time ago, my friend Ligaya Turmelle suggested that I should come and talk at the JaxPHP/JaxWeb , the PHP and web developers usergroup in Jacksonville, Florida. And while I was there, why not visit a few other user groups too? At all the meetups, 10gen (my employer) has kindly provided some swag - and rumours go that I get to buy you guys and girls a drink as well. In the end, after discussing with other web/PHP usergroups in the Southeast of the US, we came to the following schedule: Boca Raton, Florida - SoFloPHP - Tuesday, September 18 The first stop is the South Florida group (SoFloPHP) in Boca Raton. On the evening of the 18th, I will introduce MongoDB for PHP developers: This talk introduces MongoDB for developers who aren’t familiar with it with a detailed introduction of how to work with MongoDB from PHP. The talk will cover the basics from installing the PHP driver and connecting to mongoDB to creating, inserting, querying for, and updating documents. We will also briefly touch on aggregation, geospatial indexes, GridFS and running database commands. I will focus on schema design and indexes, although I will also quickly cover the basics. Orlando, Florida - The Orlando PHP User Group - Wednesday, September 19 After South Florida I will be making a stop at the Orlando PHP User Group . The abstract: This talk introduces MongoDB for developers who aren’t familiar with it through a detailed introduction of how to work with MongoDB from PHP. Derick will cover the basics: from installing the PHP driver and connecting to a MongoDB server to creating, inserting, querying, and updating documents. He’ll also cover some accepted best practices in schema design and indexing. There is also a related MongoDB event in Orlando, on September 6th there is an `evening with MongoDB’ . Jacksonville, Floria - JaxPHP/JaxWeb - Thursday, September 20, JaxPHP/JaxWeb As other user groups are invited as well, I will keep my presentation as language agnostic as possible, and focus on schema design and indexing. Atlanta, Georgia - Atlanta PHP User Group - Friday, September 21 I then leave Florida and head to Atlanta to talk at the Atlanta PHP User Group . In Atlanta, I will give a similar presentation as at the other user groups. Nashville, Tennessee - Nashville PHP User Group - Monday, September 24 In Nashville, I will speak after the weekend at the Nashville PHP User Group . In this location, my talk focusses on: An introductory presentation covering the do’s and don’ts, best practices and design schemas for MongoDB. Holiday! After the five user group appearences, I head to the North West of the USA for some R&R - after three weeks on the road (I speak at PFCongres before traveling to the USA) - I think I will need one! Best of luck to Derick on his travels! Stay tuned for photos and updates throughout Derick’s trip Tagged with: tech, php, nashville, atlanta, derick rethans, php user group, jacksonville, orlando, mongodb, open source, community, php community

September 5, 2012

Nominations Open for the MongoDB Masters Program

Last year, 10gen launched the MongoDB Masters program, to encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise amongst MongoDB community evangelists and open source contributors. After almost nine months working on the program, 10gen will be adding more MongoDB Masters to its roster for the 2013 Calendar year. What does it take to become a MongoDB Master? All of our masters have vastly distinct backgrounds, but two qualities make a MongoDB Master: A Commitment to Open Source MongoDB has a wealth of contributors from the open source community who support the growth of the MongoDB ecosystem. This includes development of MongoDB tools and patches and contribution to the free support forums. A Dedication to Evangelizing MongoDB These include bloggers, speakers, authors, MongoDB User Group (MUG) organizers and supporters who are dedicated to educating the community on MongoDB fundamentals and best practices. Our goal of this program remains the same: to honor the work of our community and foster the exchange of knowledge between and among 10gen and community leaders. MongoDB Masters have the opportunity to partake in the MongoDB Masters summit in Santa Clara, held before MongoSV in December, get two free tickets to the MongoDB Day of their choice and participate in workshops and online events with 10gen staff and fellow masters. 10gen is currently taking nominations for our second round of MongoDB Masters until June 15. If you would like to nominate a friend, colleague, or a user you follow on Github, please refer to the nomination page on the 10gen site. Tagged with: masters, experts, evangelism, developer evangelism, tech, startups, MongoDB, Mongo, NoSQL, Polyglot persistence, 10gen

June 5, 2012