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MongoDB at OSCON 2014

This past week, MongoDB took a trip to Portland, Oregon for the 16th annual O'Reilly Open Source Convention (OSCON). OSCON is always a great time, with over 4,000 open source enthusiasts in attendance and hundreds of open source projects represented, including MongoDB. MongoDB Engineers Trisha Gee, Jesse Davis, Sam Helman and I all presented at the event and you can find links to our presentations below. One thing we noticed this year: Open Source is no longer on the fringe. Hundreds of organizations such as PayPal, Twitter, HP and Google are investing millions into the creation and maintenance of Open Source software both for internal and external use. These tech behemoths have discovered that Open Source promotes better quality development through transparency, encourages employee retention and builds brand awareness in the tech community. At MongoDB, we want to encourage the adoption of Open Source technologies to make development simple and beautiful. At the MongoDB booth, we offered attendees the chance to win a free trip to Dublin for a MongoDB training in September. We were overwhelmed by the excitement for the grand prize and our limited edition MongoDB Mugs pictured below. We are pleased to award the trip to Thothathri Srinivasan, a Software Engineer at Groupon’s office in Mountain View. While at the training in Dublin our lucky winner will have the chance to visit our EMEA Headquarters in Dublin and have a pint with our Technical Services team. Congratulations on the win Thothathri! Want to join Thothathri in Dublin? There’s still room in our Developers and Data Modeling course the September . If you can’t make it to Dublin, find a MongoDB training near you . We look forward to seeing you at OSCON next year! MongoDB Presentations: Jesse Davis: What is async, how does it work and when should I use it? . Trisha Gee: What could possibly go wrong? Rapid Prototyping with Java and MongoDB . Code samples can be found here . Steve Francia: Using MongoDB with Go and Mgo . Sam Helman: Intro to AngularJS . Code samples can be found here . Francesca Krihely: Let them Be Your Heroes .

July 31, 2014