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A very short interview with Tomislav Zorc, organiser of the Munich MongoDB User Group

Every month we bring you interviews with members of our MongoDB community — including organisers of MongoDB user groups from around the world The Munich MongoDB User Group is the first and the largest MUG in the German speaking area, and is sponsored and run jointly by comSysto and 10gen. So far, the group have had more than 10 meetups aiming for monthly meetups with lightning talks, pizza or sandwiches and cold drinks. Tomislav Zorc and Bernd Zuther, software engineers for comSysto, will be giving a talk, Pizza “Quattro Shardoni” with comSysto” at MongoDB Munich on October 16 . A very short interview with Tomislav Zorc, organiser of the Munich MongoDB User Group What are the biggest challenges you have running the Munich MongoDB User Group? Running this meetup and meeting likeminded people is great fun, so we can not really talk about challenges. We are continuously working on the extension of our reach and recognition, since there are still plenty of people out there that should know about and visit the Munich User Group. How do you find your speakers for the group? Finding good speakers has proven to be the easiest part, our talk pipeline is full for this year! The comSysto crew and our clients are working on thrilling MongoDB projects that we want to share with the world. 10gen and their partners have also sent several excellent speakers. How have you helped and encouraged the user group to grow? We are promoting the group through our own network, many social media channels like XING, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, related local User Groups, as well as through our company newsletter. 10gen has also provided great help with the promotion. What advice would you give to someone who was starting their own user group? Find great speakers with moving topics and just talk about them. Invite people from your network (colleagues, clients, partners) to speak. Work closely with 10gen. Use and communicate through other social media. Provide snacks and cold drinks. Network and enjoy meeting great people! Aside from your work and MongoDB, tell me about something you are passionate about? We love FC Bayern MÃÂ_nchen, good beer, great jokes, all kinds of data (just make it big), parallel processing, electronic gadgets, everything digital… The Munich MongoDB User Group next meets on Oct 15. RSVP here: comSysto GmbH provide software solutions for the new digital era - data-driven Enterprise or Consumer Apps that enlighten and inspire their end users. A Munich-based company, comSysto deliver extraordinary solutions through continuous learning while using open-source tools, technologies and frameworks like MongoDB, Hadoop, Spring, Apache Wicket, Gradle, Git, Hippo CMS and Android. Tagged with: MongoDB, Munich, MÃÂ_nchen, Germany, comSysto, 10gen, MongoDB Munich, MÃÂ_nchen MongoDB User Group, user groups, MUGs, EMEA

October 4, 2012

Get Ready for MongoDB Munich

MongoDB Munich is coming to Germany on October 16, and this year features new presentation topics, including Improved Analytics with MongoDB via the New Aggregation Framework, and Deployment Preparedness. At MongoDB days around the world many attendees are just learning about or evaluating MongoDB to see if it is the right fit for their use case. Others are already in development or using MongoDB in production, and are looking for a little more depth or are interested in best practices to optimize their use of MongoDB. To help you get the most from your day at MongoDB Munich, here's some select talks for you to attend based on what you'd like to get out of MongoDB. Check out the full lineup Optimizing MongoDB Scaling Hints and Tricks, Alvin Richards 10gen Journaling and the Storage Engine with Mathias Stearn, 10gen Indexing and Query Optimization with Norberto Leite, 10gen Learning About or Evaluating MongoDB for a Future Project Schema Design by Example with Marc Schwering, 10gen Pizza “Quattro Shardoni” with Tomislav Zorc comSysto MongoDB for official documents in Bavaria with Christian Brensing, State of Bavaria Build your own Foursquare with MongoDB’s Spatial Features and the Cloud with Marek Jelen, OpenShift Monger, a Clojure MongoDB Client for a More Civilized Age with Oleksandr Petrov, Orceo GMBH In Production with MongoDB Deployment Preparedness with Mathias Stearn, 10gen Ensuring High Availability for Real-time Analytics with David Mytton, Server Density Map/Confused by Uwe Seiler, Senior ITConsultant, codecentric AG As you work through the schedule at MongoDB Munich feel free to ask 10gen staff for help or advice if you have any questions. In addition to the full day conference, 10gen are also offering two in-depth, hands-on MongoDB workshops the day before the conference. Workshop tickets include free admission to MongoDB Munich on October 16. Choose from workshops on Schema design and architecture and Operations Hands-On — these workshops are modules taken from our 3 day 10gen public trainings, which are currently offered only in New York, San Francisco, and London. * Sign up for MongoDB Munich conference and the MongoDB Workshops Tagged with: munich, munchen

September 26, 2012

10gen at DrupalCon Munich

DrupalCon Munich came together last week with over 1800 Drupal fans from around the world. The 10gen booth had stickers, t-shirts, and — of course — MongoDB mugs aplenty to share with attendees. From 10gen's perspective, we are interested in how Drupal and MongoDB work together, and what we can do to help make their integration better. Derick Rethans gave a Birds of a Feather session on Wednesday on Practical MongoDB with Drupal, and was co-hosted by Drupal expert, Károly Négyesi (known to the community as chx ). Chx and Derick together were able to give advice on the MongoDB module for Drupal, as well as the EntityFieldQuery module. Wednesday evening had Derick doing more work directly with the MongoDB community when he gave a talk for approximately 30 people at the MÃÂ_nchen MongoDB User Group on “Indexing and Query Optimisation” in MongoDB, covering what is indexing, understanding different types of indexing, and working with indexes. It was well received, and feedback on the talk was complimentary. You can see the slides from the talk here: Thursday afternoon was the highlight of DrupalCon for us. Anyone who visited the 10gen stand over the previous two days or who had come along to the previous day's BoF had heard about Derick's Introduction to MongoDB talk, and it gave attendees a firm grounding in getting started with MongoDB. The slides from this talk can be seen here: DrupalCon 2013 will be held in Prague, and we plan to have a MongoDB presence at the conference again. With the improvements heralded by Drupal 8, along with increased awareness in the community of how MongoDB can be used with Drupal, we expect next year to be an even bigger success. 10gen returns to Munich this October for a full-day conference dedicated to MongoDB. MongoDB Munich comes to the city on October 16 — tickets are available here . Tagged with: Drupal, Munich, DrupalCon, DrupalCon Munich, MongoDB Munich, Károly Négyesi, Derick Rethans, MÃÂ_nchen, MongoDB, Mongo, NoSQL, Polyglot persistence, 10gen

August 30, 2012