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MongoDB Launches MongoDB Ventures Investment Fund

Fifteen years ago, MongoDB was founded to give developers an intuitive way to work with ever-increasing volumes of highly varied data, moving in or near real-time. Since then, developers, tired of working with data within the narrow rows and columns of relational databases, have enthusiastically embraced MongoDB's flexible document data model to scale further and build faster. With more than 31,000 customers — and approaching $1 billion in annualized revenue — MongoDB is leading the disruption in the data infrastructure market. Since the beginning, we have continued to invest aggressively in our product roadmap to keep enabling developers to build great software. But we are not just building a product, we are building an ecosystem. We want to help foster other companies that will join us in creating a developer-friendly, modern data experience designed for the next generation of applications. Today we announce the launch of MongoDB Ventures, a strategic investment fund to empower innovators who help solve the growing challenges and complexities related to data and developer experience. Alongside investing, MongoDB Ventures also will pair entrepreneurs with executive mentors, support product and go-to-market initiatives, and provide access to partners and customers. How will MongoDB Ventures work in practice? Let’s look at our inaugural investments. Apollo GraphQL is a leader in open source and commercial GraphQL technologies that help engineering teams accelerate application development. Developers trust Apollo to implement their graphs, with more than 17 million monthly open source downloads and more than 10 billion daily queries run on the Apollo graph. "We are excited to welcome MongoDB Ventures as an investor because MongoDB is legendary for its obsession with empowering developers — an obsession we share,” said Geoff Schmidt, Chief Executive Officer of Apollo GraphQL. “The investment will deepen our partnership and drive product innovation, with an initial focus on making it even more seamless for developers to build applications with the Apollo Graph Platform and MongoDB Atlas.” BigID is a leading data intelligence platform that enables organizations to know their enterprise data and take action for privacy, security, and governance. With BigID, customers can make better decisions with their data, achieve compliance, scale with the evolving data privacy and protection landscape, improve data trust, and ultimately reimagine how they manage their data. "Bringing MongoDB Ventures in as a strategic technical investor makes all the sense in the world given MongoDB's success in building an independent, best-in-class cloud offering," said Dimitri Sirota, Chief Executive Officer of BigID. "We're committed to innovating across privacy, security, and governance, and are thrilled to partner with MongoDB to reimagine data management in the cloud." With 15 years spent honing the MongoDB developer experience, we're in a unique position to help discover and empower innovators who share our focus on data and developers. If this sounds like you, please contact us at .

February 22, 2022