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MongoDB Masters in the Spotlight: Lennart Kroopman

Lennart Kroopman, our MongoDB Master of the week, is an early adopter of MongoDB and the creator of GrayLog2 , a popular open source log management tool built with MongoDB. Based in Hamburg, Germany, he is currently an engineer at Xing, where he gets to hack on Ruby on Rails and GrayLog2. What was it like getting started with MongoDB? I started with MongoDB in late 2009 and was impressed by the great documentation and the number of available drivers for different programming languages. I started playing around with the Ruby driver, inserted some documents and learned about the query format. The most time consuming part was to learn the query format - Especially when you have only worked with SQL before. The documentation gave me a really quick start and I only had a very few frustrated moments. Having the first development system for MongoDB installed was a matter of minutes on my Ubuntu machine. What advice do you have for other MongoDB users? Take your time to read about the production deployment and setup. An initial setup is easy, but having a stable and reliable production setup will need more knowledge and time. Also, as with all database systems, test and develop with data as near (in structure and amount) to your production data is possible to avoid surprises. What has been your greatest accomplishment? When looking back for a longer time: Learning all that computer stuff. What is your daily inspiration? Good music, a great community, a big project to improve, grow and work on. What do you do in your spare time? Triathlon. What has been your greatest accomplishment with MongoDB? I definitely think that is (Graylog2)[ ], a free and open source log management system that is using MongoDB. It was my first project that came in touch with MongoDB and is now installed and in production a few thousand times all over the world. How has MongoDB helped you the most? It is so easy and fast to develop with. I miss the query and document structure when working with other systems that do not offer these capabilities. Tagged with: mongodb masters, spotlight, mongodb, graylog2

September 7, 2012

MongoDB Masters in the Spotlight: Flavio Percoco Premoli

10gen has a number of core contributorsâ€â€ùMongoDB User Group organizers, evangelists, contributors to the core server, connecting libraries and support forum. Last year, 10gen launched the MongoDB Masters program, to encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise amongst MongoDB community evangelists and open source contributors. To introduce you to these core contributors, we're launching the MongoDB Masters in the Spotlight series on our blog. Flavio Percoco Premoli works in the Research and Development department at The Net Planet Europe and has been an avid MongoDB community contributor for over three years. His host of contributions include Pymongo, the Django MongoDB Engine (co-author and maintainer), the MongoDB plugin for eclipse, Half-Static , a distributed, GridFS based blog engine and the python virtual machine for MongoDB . He lives in Milan, Italy and is a frequent speaker at MongoDB and European technology conferences. What was it like getting started with MongoDB? It was a great experience. It was ~3 years ago when I first looked at mongodb and I was also kind of starting to dig into nosql technologies. It was easy to setup, fast and impressive even if the project was still very young. What advice do you have for other MongoDB users? Try to change the way you think about data and the well known data model paradigms. Models were created to ...model“ data of given a structure but models can be re-modeled too. Do not try to change the way mongodb data management works and forget about db-managed joins :) Oh, btw, Give GridFS a try. You've no idea how useful and powerful it is, I just love it! What has been your greatest accomplishment? I think that one of my biggest accomplishment so far has been making my way in this world and mostly in my professional life. I love what I do and every little goal I've reached is as important as the other ones. That's why making my way and keeping the right path is the most important / difficult one. What is your daily inspiration? ...Make sure you do what you're passioned about and smile while you're doing it; you're born to be happy.“ What do you do in your spare time? I code most of the time. I'm always reading, studying and coding on new projects, trying to find new things to do and to contribute to. If I'm not coding I'm sure you'll find me hanging around with my family and friends. What has been your greatest accomplishment with MongoDB? Every time I get started with MongoDB on a project is an accomplishment because, even for a young project, it has everything I need for that particular project I'm going into. I've done many things with MongoDB (private and public) and each one of them have been an amazing experience. I can't say much about the private projects but I can say that I managed to handle TBs of data but more important than that is that all of this required hundreds of operations per second. I stared at the process monitor amazed at what MongoDB is capable off. I most say that it was running on a really powerful hardware but that makes things even better ;) How has MongoDB helped you the most? In my case, It was helpful when choosing the right ...schema“ to use in our system. Its schema-less capabilities allowed me for making a more flexible, reusable and richer data structures. GridFS has been really helpful too, it allowed me to share big contents between nodes with a single operation without replicating the information or scarifying its consistency. Tagged with: mongodb masters, community, contributors, MongoDB, Mongo, NoSQL, Polyglot persistence, 10gen

August 21, 2012