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Join Us for 10 Reasons to Attend

Digital transformation has accelerated during the COVID-19 pandemic, as organizations implement new capabilities to support employees and customers and keep things running. The need to build and deploy modern applications has never been greater. For developers, it’s both a challenge and an opportunity. What more can and should they be doing? MongoDB is hosting a series of virtual events around the world to help developers take a deep breath (including exercise breaks!), connect with their peers and our experts, build skills, and brainstorm over projects and new capabilities. Our events begin Nov. 10 in Northern Europe, with stops in other regions over the next two months. The agenda is tailored to local audiences, so it will feel close to home even as you join remotely. Each agenda is packed with great speakers and content. You can see what it’s all about — and register — here . There will be something for everyone at Here are 10 of my favorite reasons to participate. It only makes sense that we begin our day-long event with an eye-opening cup of coffee. Learn about the chemistry of a strong ‘cup of Joe’ from a professional coffee educator in a session titled, “The Science of the Perfect Cup of Coffee.” Dig into performance tuning with a talk on “system thinking” — a way of thinking about complex systems that is both common sense and counterintuitive. This “tales from the field” session is targeted at developers, architects, DevOps engineers, and DBAs. Get even more value from mobile application data in a session focused on how to use MongoDB Atlas to build a MongoDB Realm-based application. Schema design is fundamental to building and managing databases, so we’re bringing together experts to tackle your questions in an Ask Me Anything panel on schema design. Meet the author (and maybe get a free copy) of the book titled, “Soonish: The Emerging Technologies That’ll Improve and/or Ruin Everything.” With a provocative premise like that, how can we not attend? Take a deep dive into the MERN/MEAN stack in a hands-on tutorial. By the end of this 90-minute session, you’ll have a fully managed, auto-scaling application hosted free on MongoDB Atlas. Customer spotlight with Sainsbury, the 150-year-old British retailer that is giving its developers the time and freedom to innovate and push boundaries. Not everyone is an expert MongoDB developer — yet! This “jumpstart” tutorial will help beginners get started with MongoDB’s most indispensable tools, including Atlas, Realm, and Compass. Learn about using MongoDB and Kubernetes together in a session that provides an overview of the architecture, key features, and future outlook of our Kubernetes products. Ask MongoDB! MongoDB VPs of Product Management, Andrew Davidson and Chirag Shah, will field questions from attendees. This is your chance to go straight to our experts with any questions you have. And there will be much more, including community networking, virtual pub trivia, and live Q&A panels. It’s all designed to help you learn, network, and prepare for what’s next — and it’s free. Please join us be registering here .

November 9, 2020