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Xperscore Expertise Discovery, Powered by MongoDB

We recently spoke with Toufic Saliba, the CTO of Xperscore Inc. about Xperscore's social business platform and use of MongoDB. WHAT IS XPERSCORE? Xperscore's engine is the leader in automatic expertise discovery. It leverages a new type of social business platform that automatically solves the problem of accurate expertise discovery, which facilitates meaningful collaboration. Xperscore seamlessly integrates with the interfaces your users are already accustomed to such as Google, Sharepoint and many others. It also integrates with 73 enterprise products including Jive Software, Chatter, Sharepoint, and Yammer for richer collaboration and increased user adoption. In addition, our open platform also allows clients and partners to extend the solution by using our API to easily build and integrate any enterprise product with very little time and effort invested. CAN YOU DESCRIBE YOUR TECHNOLOGY STACK? HOW DOES MONGODB FIT IN? MongoDB resides in the heart of Xpercore’s architecture. We use MongoDB for our database storage and access requirements, from expertise analysis, through to UI generation and faceted analytics. We selected MongoDB because we needed scale and to be able to prototype new features quickly. MongoDB fits the bill perfectly in three key aspects: Quick prototyping: Unlike SQL databases which require the developers to work in Model-view-control and worry about ORM and tables, Mongo’s document-based structure frees the developer from these complexities. Developers who are comfortable with relational databases find that hard queries in SQL become easy, and easy things in SQL become trivial, making the move to Mongo quick and easy with little retooling. Support of agile development: At Xperscore, we use a hybrid development approach with elements of distributed and agile methodologies. Coupling this with software development methods based on iterative and incremental agile development, where requirements and solution evolve through collaboration between self-organized, cross functional teams. Scalable, distributed, fault-tolerant architecture: Xperscore deploys a large scale platform inside organizations where hundreds of thousands of signals per user per day are being processed. Mongo’s replication and auto-sharding gives us the scale, distribution and fail-over required for an enterprise application.Because Mongo was designed with these factors in mind, there is very little additional work the development team needed to do to achieve this, thus freeing them up to build out the product and delivering additional features vs infrastructure. WHAT'S IN STORE FOR THE FUTURE? ARE THERE ANY NEW MONGODB PROJECTS? Since Xperscore creates and stores a rich amount of fine grained data, the next major deliverable on the roadmap is creating a fully interactive query and dash-boarding capability. To do that we created a module that brings advanced business intelligence and faceted navigation analytics to our administration console. This will allow users to: Explore vast amounts of information in one easy-to-use application Determine expertise, demographics and behaviour with location/position data Monitor performance of social strategies throughout the enterprise Drill into information via an easy to use point click application There are other phenomenal capabilities of Xperscore that utilize MongoDB and will be included in future posts. Stay tuned! Tagged with: discovery, databases, oracle, big data, jive, sharepoint, MongoDB, Mongo, NoSQL, Polyglot persistence, 10gen

June 27, 2012