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10gen will be joined at Devoxx 2012 by partners comSysto and Trifork showing the latest innovations in MongoDB. Located at stand #11 in the conference, stop by for the chance to: Meet with a MongoDB expert to gain advice on your future installations. Enter our prize draw* to win a free seat to our MongoDB Training, or a free ticket to the NoSQL Roadshow in Amsterdam, or best of all: a Nexus 7! Take part to the various talks on mongoDB, Agile, the benefits of open source, and Women in IT * The winners will be drawn from all entries received after the event. The winners wil be notified via email and the names will be also announced on the 10gen, ComSysto and Trifork e-newsletters. 10 Months of mongoDB at Nokia Entertainment Bristol Presented by Tom Coupland, Senior Software Engineer, Nokia Tuesday 13th of November at 17:25 (Room 9) This presentation will give you a look at how a small group of self-motivated developers went about introducing, first themselves, and then their organisation to MongoDB. During this talk you will learn: What made them do it How did they gained acceptance for a new storage system amongst their peers, administrators and development managers What was it like to actually write code around MongoDB Agile ++ : When Agile goes well Presented by Trisha Gee, Java evangelist at 10gen and Israel Boza Rodriguez, Java developer at LMAX Wednesday 14th of November at 17:50 (Room 9) We'll talk you through some agile processes and tools; we'll cover how an organisation can evolve their process over time; we'll give examples of what does and does not work for one company; and we'll show how agile can spread well beyond the technology team and into the whole business.This session is for anyone interested in agile methodologies. It shows: What a dedicated investment in agile can give your organisation How you can evolve your current agile processes What challenges still face those who are ...doing agile“ effectively. Why Open Source Your Secrets Presented by Trisha Gee, Java evangelist at 10gen Wednesday 14th of November at 13:35 (Room 7) This session gives three good business reasons for exposing your secrets to the outside world by open sourcing parts of your code base, and makes the case for giving back to the community as well as just utilising it. The Problem With Women: A Technical Approach Presented by Trisha Gee, Java evangelist at 10gen Thursday 15th of November at 17:50 (Room 3) We all know “there are not enough women in technology”. And we all know that this is a Bad Thing. For years we’ve been seeing attempts to address the balance, and yet nothing seems to make any difference. It’s time to explore the hypothesis that the approaches we’ve been taking are not only not working, but even potentially damaging. Bring along a sense of humour and an open mind. _________________________________________________________________________________ Learn more about our partners: comSysto GmbH is a Munich-based software company specialized in lean business and technology development. While supporting all three steps of a well known Build-Measure-Learn lean feedback loop, comSysto focuses on open source frameworks and software as major enablers of short, agile Build-Measure-Learn iterations and fast gains in validated learning. Powerful MongoDB technology provides the needed flexibility and agility for turning ideas into products as well as performance for handling Big Data while turning data into knowledge. We also enjoy developing with Spring framework and its subprojects, Apache Wicket, Gradle, Git, Oracle DB and Oracle BI. comSysto is dedicated to eliminating waste in both business and technology since 2005. Trifork Amsterdam is a leading full service supplier of high-quality custom-built applications for organizations primarily in the following sectors: Education & Research, Government & Non-Profit and Profit. Within these sectors Trifork drives software innovation and specializes in the following areas of discipline: Big Data & Search Mobile Custom Solutions Knowledge (Conferences) CMS (Content Management Systems) Internationally oriented Trifork Amsterdam is part of the Trifork Group which employs over 180 people in 7 offices in Aarhus, London, Copenhagen, ZÃÂ_rich, Krakow, Stockholm and San Francisco. 90% of the employees are software or conference developers. GOTO, QCON & YOW! are just 3 of the largest conferences organized by Trifork every year and more than 6 million people globally use Trifork developed systems on a weekly basis. Tagged with: mongodb, nosql, 10gen, devoxx, trifork, comSysto, Agile, Trisha Gee, NoSQL Roadshow, Tom Coupland, Nokia, Israel Boza Rodriguez, Java

November 2, 2012

A very short interview with Tomislav Zorc, organiser of the Munich MongoDB User Group

Every month we bring you interviews with members of our MongoDB community — including organisers of MongoDB user groups from around the world The Munich MongoDB User Group is the first and the largest MUG in the German speaking area, and is sponsored and run jointly by comSysto and 10gen. So far, the group have had more than 10 meetups aiming for monthly meetups with lightning talks, pizza or sandwiches and cold drinks. Tomislav Zorc and Bernd Zuther, software engineers for comSysto, will be giving a talk, Pizza “Quattro Shardoni” with comSysto” at MongoDB Munich on October 16 . A very short interview with Tomislav Zorc, organiser of the Munich MongoDB User Group What are the biggest challenges you have running the Munich MongoDB User Group? Running this meetup and meeting likeminded people is great fun, so we can not really talk about challenges. We are continuously working on the extension of our reach and recognition, since there are still plenty of people out there that should know about and visit the Munich User Group. How do you find your speakers for the group? Finding good speakers has proven to be the easiest part, our talk pipeline is full for this year! The comSysto crew and our clients are working on thrilling MongoDB projects that we want to share with the world. 10gen and their partners have also sent several excellent speakers. How have you helped and encouraged the user group to grow? We are promoting the group through our own network, many social media channels like XING, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, related local User Groups, as well as through our company newsletter. 10gen has also provided great help with the promotion. What advice would you give to someone who was starting their own user group? Find great speakers with moving topics and just talk about them. Invite people from your network (colleagues, clients, partners) to speak. Work closely with 10gen. Use and communicate through other social media. Provide snacks and cold drinks. Network and enjoy meeting great people! Aside from your work and MongoDB, tell me about something you are passionate about? We love FC Bayern MÃÂ_nchen, good beer, great jokes, all kinds of data (just make it big), parallel processing, electronic gadgets, everything digital… The Munich MongoDB User Group next meets on Oct 15. RSVP here: comSysto GmbH provide software solutions for the new digital era - data-driven Enterprise or Consumer Apps that enlighten and inspire their end users. A Munich-based company, comSysto deliver extraordinary solutions through continuous learning while using open-source tools, technologies and frameworks like MongoDB, Hadoop, Spring, Apache Wicket, Gradle, Git, Hippo CMS and Android. Tagged with: MongoDB, Munich, MÃÂ_nchen, Germany, comSysto, 10gen, MongoDB Munich, MÃÂ_nchen MongoDB User Group, user groups, MUGs, EMEA

October 4, 2012