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This Week in MongoDB: July 23-29

News! MongoDB 2.2.0 rc 0 is out and ready for testing. This is the first release candidate in the 2.2 series. This release is not for production use so download and try it on your data set. Vote for MongoDB as the best NoSQL Innovator in the Dataweek Awards MongoDB was nominated as a NoSQL innovator in the Dataweek Awards. Webinars: July 24: Asynchronous MongoDB with Python and Tornado July 25: How IKANOW Uses MongoDB to Solve Big Data Problems August 2: MongoDB for High Volume Data Feeds August 9: Intro to Schema Design August 17: MongoDB For Your Pilot Project August 19: Intro to MongoDB’s Java Driver Learn More: Asynchronous Python with Motor. Check out the Motor Internals Aaron Heckmann on Mongoose Version 3 API Changes Fluentd and MongoDB : Log everything in JSON MongoDB Around the World July 24: New York MongoDB User Group at Buddy Media July 25: Syndey MongoDB User Group Inaugural Meetup MongoDB San Diego San Francisco MongoDB User Group : MongoCTL and MongoDB 2.2 London MongoDB User Group : MongoDB 2.2, MongoDB+Node.js, ClaimAble and and Jaspersoft 4.7 July 26: Spain MongoDB User Group in Barcelona : MongoDB 2.2 and product roadmap Denver MongoDB User Group : MongoDB Show and Tell July 31: Melbourne MongoDB User Group : MongoDB and Distributed Databases Got some MongoDB News You'd like to share? Let us know Tagged with: node.js, this week in mongodb, community, community management, community posts, MongoDB, Mongo, NoSQL, Polyglot persistence, 10gen

July 23, 2012