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Making MongoDB Deployment Even Easier With Bitnami's One-Click Deployment Tool

One of the primary reasons for MongoDB's popularity is what a friend of mine calls "developer ergonomics." Simply put, MongoDB is very easy to install, configure, maintain and use. In partnership with Bitnami, the MongoDB development experience just got even better. Given MongoDB's popularity with web developers, it's increasingly deployed in conjunction with a few popular web application frameworks. Dubbed the MEAN stack , it includes MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and Node.js. Bitnami has taken the individual components and removed friction to getting them to work seamlessly together by building a one-click deployment tool that allows developers to deploy and manage either on-premise, through Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Windows Azure. MongoDB recently raised $150 million to help us accelerate further improvements to MongoDB , including to operational aspects of the MongoDB experience. But MongoDB is a community. As important as the work is that we do on the kernel and other elements of the leading NoSQL database, we rely heavily on our community to improve the MongoDB experience. Bitnami has been making open-source software deployment easy for years, offering open-source applications and development stacks that have been pre-integrated and configured to be run in the cloud or on-premise. Now that Bitnami experience comes to MongoDB. We welcome Bitnami to the MongoDB community, and welcome what it is doing for the MongoDB community. Techcrunch's Alex Williams offers more color on the announcement, here .

November 14, 2013