Write a blog post on MongoDB for a chance to win a ticket to OSCON 2010!



10gen has a ticket to OSCON that we'd like to give to a MongoDB user.

How to Enter

  • Write a blog post.  It has to be about MongoDB, but within that it can be anything: a how-to, an experience you had, a review, a rant, a rave, a technical piece, a humorous piece… whatever you want.
  • Post your blog at mongodb.slinkset.com and include your contact information in the description.  You must submit by June 1st.  Your post must be publicly accessible (not behind a pay wall or members-only site).
  • We’ll announce the winners June 7th.


Grand prize

  • 1 ticket to OSCON
  • MongoDB swag package: shirt, coffee mug, and stickers
  • Option to do a guest post on blog.mongodb.org

There will also be 3 runners up who get MongoDB mugs and stickers, as well as mentions/links on blog.mongodb.org.


  • 50% public judging - vote up your favorite blogs at mongodb.slinkset.com
  • 50% will be done by a panel of MongoDB core developers.  We’ll be looking for a really great piece on MongoDB, a piece that is really interesting.  Please don’t forget to proofread!


  • It must be written.  No screencasts or podcasts, sorry.  You can use images but no audio or video are allowed.
  • It must be posted at mongodb.slinkset.com, and include your contact information in the description.
  • Entries will be accepted between Monday May 17 and Tuesday June 1st.
  • You must provide for your own travel, we’re just giving you the OSCON ticket. You have to get your own plane ticket, hotel reservation, visa (if you’re outside the US) etc.

If you don’t have a blog, you can get one in about 3 seconds from Posterous or tumblr.  Make sure you’re identifiable if you go this route!

Good luck everyone!