Welcome to the MongoDB Quick Start Channel

Dj Walker-Morgan

Recently, we reorganized the MongoDB blog into channels to make it easier for you to browse the content you want to see. Today, we're introducing a new channel with a very defined purpose. Welcome to Quick Start, the new home for those essential tutorials that get you up and running with MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas' services.

The MongoDB Channels

Check out the navigation bar (or menu if you are on mobile).When you arrive on the blog, you'll arrive on our Home page with a range of highlights and features from across the other channels. If you only want the big news about MongoDB, keep your eye on that page. The other channels are

  • News - Company News, Everything about MongoDB the company, All the news around MongoDB
  • Applied - MongoDB Applied, customer stories, use cases and experience
  • Developer - Coding with MongoDB - tutorials, tips and deep dives
  • Updates - The newest releases and freshest updates
  • Culture - Life at MongoDB, inside and outside MongoDB, who we are
  • Events - MongoDB Events, the unstructured and structured gatherings

And if you don't want to miss a moment, there's the All channel, every posting from every channel.

Why QuickStart?

We want to make it easy for new-to-MongoDB developers to find resources, especially on the blog. MongoDB is a rich ecosystem of not just a database but all the assorted tools and drivers that go around it. With QuickStart, we aim to make it easy to find the content that will get you going with all of the MongoDB environment. Enjoy QuickStart.