Upcoming Webinar: Tuning MongoDB for Next Generation Storage



Storage architecture can have a direct impact on MongoDB performance and the architecture of MongoDB makes it ideal for large-scale deployments. NoSQL databases are designed from the ground up to be distributed with more hosts for better performance. By leveraging solid-state drive technology with concepts like storage virtualization, high-quality service, and horizontal scaling, storage systems like SolidFire are able to combine the comforts of traditional dedicated storage performance with the simplicity and scalability expected from MongoDB.

Chris Merz, Chief Database Strategist and Senior Database App Engineer at SolidFire, will walk through real-world examples in this webinar on November 6.

He’ll explain how developers can:

  • architect MongoDB with SolidFire storage for a large-scale production cloud environment
  • traverse the technology stack to identify performance bottleneck
  • optimize IO performance and latency
  • normalize performance under load and maintain performance at scale.

Register here.