Upcoming Webinar: Relational Databases to MongoDB Migration - Considerations and Best Practices



As data volume and user loads continue to grow exponentially, new rich data structures and agile development methods are encouraging many organizations to move away from relational databases for their evolving applications.

In a webinar on November 7, Mat Keep, Principle Product Marketing Manager, will present considerations project teams must make as they plan their migration to MongoDB. Organizations such as Cisco, Craigslist, Foursquare and Shutterfly have all successfully migrated existing apps from relational databases to MongoDB. The considerations and best practices from projects such as these will also be presented. These include:

  • Schema Design
  • Data Integrity
  • Query Model & Data Analysis
  • Data Migration
  • Operational Considerations

After this webinar, attendees will have a clear overview of what steps to take to ensure a successful migration.

Register here and download the accompanying Migration Guide.