Unleashing the Power of MongoDB Atlas and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Innovative Applications

Steve Jurczak


When you use MongoDB Atlas on AWS, you can focus on driving innovation and business value, instead of managing infrastructure. The combination of MongoDB Atlas, the premier developer data platform, and AWS, the largest global public cloud provider empowers organizations to create scalable and intelligent applications while streamlining their data infrastructure management.

With MongoDB Atlas and AWS, building GenAI-powered applications is far simpler. MongoDB Vector Search enables developers to build intelligent applications powered by semantic search and generative AI over any type of data. Organizations can use their proprietary application data and vector embeddings to enhance foundation models like large language models (LLMs) via retrieval-augmented generation (RAG). This approach reduces hallucinations and delivers personalized user experiences while scaling applications seamlessly to meet evolving demands and maintaining top-tier security standards.

MongoDB real-world use cases

MongoDB helped Forbes accelerate provisioning, maintenance, and disaster-recovery times. Plus, the flexible data structures of MongoDB's document data model allows for faster development and innovation. In another example, a popular convenience store chain reported 99.995% uptime, freeing up its engineers and allowing them to focus on building innovative solutions thanks to Atlas Device Sync. Working with MongoDB helped functional food company MuscleChef transition from a food and beverage business with a website to a data-driven company that leverages customer insights to continuously improve and scale user experience, new product development, operations and logistics, marketing, and communications. Since working with MongoDB, repeat customer orders have surged 49%, purchase frequency saw a double-digit increase, and average order value is 50% higher than its largest competitors.

Thousands of customers have been successful running MongoDB Atlas on the robust infrastructure offered by AWS. No-code enterprise application development platform Unqork helps businesses build apps rapidly without writing a line of code. Using MongoDB Atlas, the platform ingests data from multiple sources at scale and pushes it to applications and third-party services. Volvo Connect enables drivers and fleet managers to track trucks, activities, and even insights using a single administrative portal. The versatility and performance of Atlas combined with the AWS global cloud infrastructure helps the business connect critical aspects of their business in completely new ways.

Verizon also opted to run Atlas on AWS to unlock the full power of its 5G mobile technology by moving compute elements to the network edge, making the user experience faster.

A unified approach to data handling

The Atlas developer data platform integrates all of the data services you need to build modern applications that are highly available, performant at global scale, and compliant with the most demanding security and privacy standards within a unified developer experience. With MongoDB Atlas running on AWS Global Cloud Infrastructure, organizations can leverage a single platform to store, manage, and process data at scale, allowing them to concentrate on building intelligent applications and driving business value. Atlas handles transactional data, app-driven analytics, full-text search, generative AI and vector search workloads, stream data processing, and more, all while reducing data infrastructure sprawl and complexity.

MongoDB Atlas is available in 27 AWS regions. This allows organizations to deliver fast and consistent user experiences in any region and replicate data across multiple regions to reach end-users globally with high performance and low latency. Additionally, the ability to store data in specific zones ensures compliance with data sovereignty requirements.

Security is paramount for both MongoDB Atlas and AWS. MongoDB Atlas is secure by default. It leverages built-in security features across your entire deployment. Atlas helps organizations comply with FedRAMP certification and regulations such as HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and more. It offers robust security measures, like our groundbreaking queryable encryption, which enables developers to run expressive queries on the encrypted data.

MongoDB Atlas also enhances developer productivity with its fully managed developer data platform on AWS. It offers a unified interface/API for all data and application services, seamlessly integrating into development and deployment workflows. MongoDB Atlas also integrates with Amazon CodeWhisperer. This powerful combination accelerates developer innovation for a seamless coding experience, improved efficiency, and exceptional business growth.


MongoDB Atlas and AWS have worked together for almost a decade to offer a powerful solution for organizations looking to innovate and build intelligent applications. By simplifying data management, enhancing security, and providing a unified developer experience, they ensure that organizations can focus on what truly matters: driving innovation and delivering exceptional user experiences. If you're ready to get started, MongoDB Atlas is available in the AWS Marketplace, and you have the option to start with a free tier.