They Asked, We Answered: A Q&A on Joining MongoDB’s Remote Solutions Center

Soheyl Rafi


Our Remote Solutions Center (RSC) team offers those with technical backgrounds interested in working with customers an opportunity to jumpstart a career in pre-sales. We asked Soheyl Rafi, Solutions Architect and former Remote Solutions Center team member, some common questions candidates have about joining the team.

What is the day-to-day like on the Remote Solutions Center team?

Working in the Remote Solutions Center is a dynamic and ever-changing experience, with each day bringing unique challenges and opportunities. You can expect a blend of calls, hands-on activities, customer interactions, and problem-solving. The variety keeps the role super interesting. Part of the diverse work environment comes from the collaboration that this role inherently entails. Throughout the day, you’ll engage in various customer interactions such as discussing project requirements and challenges to proposing tailored solutions.

Another aspect could be your involvement in Technical Feasibility Workshops with customers. This is where your deep technical knowledge comes into play. You’ll be addressing intricate technical questions, providing insights, and ensuring that our solutions align with the customer’s needs.

Enablement also plays a pivotal part in the day-to-day. You will spend a lot of time learning new technologies and features released by our Product team, understanding the competition, and staying abreast of the market as a whole.

All in all, the day-to-day work is extremely diverse, and you’ll need to both enjoy and be comfortable wearing multiple hats.

What can I expect during the onboarding phase?

When you join the RSC, you can expect a comprehensive onboarding experience that covers both technical and sales aspects. Our onboarding plan is designed to provide hands-on training, ensuring that you become familiar with MongoDB technology and business processes.

From a technical standpoint, you’ll have access to detailed training sessions and resources. You’ll be guided through the intricacies of our products and services, allowing you to build a strong foundation in your technical knowledge.

On the sales front, we have a tailored onboarding plan that focuses on honing the skills required for successful client engagement. This includes understanding our market positioning, customer needs, and effective sales strategies. You will be exposed to real-world scenarios and practical exercises to enhance your sales acumen.

To complement your onboarding experience, each new team member is paired with a more senior peer within the RSC. This mentorship helps you begin to build relationships within the team and provides valuable insights and guidance on navigating the role effectively.

In addition, RSC leadership recognizes the importance of learning from industry veterans. That’s why each new hire is also paired with a seasoned professional from outside the RSC who acts as a Solution Architecture buddy. This experienced mentor with tenure in the industry will offer a unique perspective and share valuable insights to accelerate your learning.

To gain practical exposure, you will have the opportunity to shadow calls and workshops conducted by experienced team members. This hands-on approach allows you to observe firsthand how we conduct business, manage client interactions, and collaborate within the team.

In summary, our onboarding program within the RSC is a holistic approach that combines technical training, sales development, mentorship, and practical experience.

How often can I expect to collaborate with Solutions Architects (SAs) in the field?

As an SA within the RSC, collaboration with SAs in the field is consistently high. We are strategically positioned around account activities and proactively engage with our counterparts in the field teams. Depending on the opportunity during an engagement, you might assist in the early stages of the sales cycle, such as discovery and demos, before passing the deal onto the field SA. Collaboration in these engagements is pivotal, requiring alignment to ensure a seamless handover to the field teams.

What internal career development opportunities are there for me?

Upon joining the RSC team, you’ll immerse yourself in a dynamic learning environment. Unlike traditional career structures, the RSC team fosters an environment where you are in the driver’s seat, dictating the pace of your internal career development. No artificial roadblocks hinder you from taking on more challenging and senior-level tasks. Your dedication, skills, and initiative are the primary determinants of how quickly you progress.

While there are specific tasks you’ll work on in your day-to-day, you’ll also have a wide range of internal projects available to enhance your skill sets and advance your career within MongoDB. In a team with diverse interests and skills, you can choose projects that align with your passion and interests.

You’ll find yourself in a situation with structured learning paths, mentorship programs, project leadership opportunities, and a career trajectory limited only by your aspirations.

In my career journey, I’ve achieved my goal of growing from an Associate SA to being promoted to a Solutions Architect for our enterprise customers. I am now a dedicated Solutions Architect to one of our biggest financial customers, helping them in their digital transformation and expanding their MongoDB footprint.

What new things will I learn if I join the team?

The question should be, “What will you not learn?” Databases are at the center of every tech stack. You will be exposed to and gain an understanding of the entire tech stack, including the underlying infrastructure and the application that will be built on top of MongoDB. In your role, you’ll find yourself engaging with customers to discuss the various technologies used in application development, the infrastructure decisions made, and other database solutions that are either part of their tech stack or under consideration.

Each customer employs different methodologies for developing software and utilizes various programming languages and solutions. It is pivotal as an SA in the RSC to comprehend these diverse solutions and effectively communicate them to our customers.

Beyond the technical aspects, you will start to see things from a macro perspective. Understanding your customer’s business is crucial. You will need to learn how to align technical solutions with business objectives, considering factors such as budget, timelines, and return on investment.

Learn more about applying your technical skills and engaging with customers as part of our Remote Solutions Center.