T-7: The Countdown to Prize Challenges and MongoDB World's Latest Talks

Dj Walker-Morgan

#MongoDB World 2019

As MongoDB World 2019 gets closer, so does the pace of the challenges we’re putting out there for you. As we write this, there are little under a day to go before the MongoDB World Hackathon closes its doors for submissions. If you missed out though, we’ve got something even more fun in store.

Enter the Challenges

Eliot Horowitz, our CTO and co-founder, has been busy assembling a digital data obstacle course which can be conquered using MongoDB’s data platform and applications. Every week in the run up to MongoDB World, he’ll be inviting you to take one of these challenges on. Do you have the skills needed to complete the challenges? Prove it in Eliot’s Weekly MongoDB World Challenge. It all kicks off this Wednesday, 1st May, and there are prizes for those who complete the challenges fastest. Hint: Follow @mongodb on Instagram where the first challenge will be announced.

The End of The Early Bird

From May 3rd, the price for MongoDB World passes will move to normal, non-early bird, rates. As our early bird has been particularly generous, there’s a good chance you won’t want to miss out on your opportunity to make use of that generosity. If you want to do that, get over to the MongoDB World 2019 site and register now. Read on to see some of the talks you’ll be able to enjoy and be enlightened by...

Talk Talk

Last week’s MongoDB World countdown was all about our first look at the agenda. And it was just a first look, because since then, more talks have joined the schedule to pack it all out with great sessions and tracks. So, let’s dive back in as we reveal even more talks - and remember the full schedule is up on the MongoDB World Sessions page.


MongoDB Charts are a big part of the Analytics track, whether it is beginning with them in Simplici-tea: Getting Started with MongoDB Charts on Atlas or going geographical with them in Get the Best of Geo Data with MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Charts. Also check out How to Build a Scalable Product Using MongoDB where we’ll hear how to scale Pandas-based analytic proof-of-concepts into production.

Modern Application Development

Making application development easy is core to what MongoDB is about. In this track, we look at how to make better apps, from Building Flexible and Secure Customer Applications with MongoDB Atlas to Writing Fault Tolerant MongoDB Applications. There are also talks on Building a GraphQL API with MongoDB, Prisma & TypeScript and creating BSON Transpilers: Transpiling from Any Language to Any Language!.

Cloud Migration

Everyone wants to migrate to the MongoDB Atlas cloud platform, especially if you are going by the number of talks in this track. The latest additions include Plant a Seed, Grow a Tree, Atlas For Enterprise MongoDB on the enterprise capability baked into Atlas. There’s also experience from the field with Ticketek: Scaling to Global Ticket Sales with MongoDB Atlas and Lessons Learned: Migrating Buffer's Production Database to MongoDB Atlas from Mongo 2.4.

Schema Design

How you model your data is one of the most important aspects of your application. In this track you’ll be exposed to a A Complete Methodology to Data Modeling for MongoDB, how to evolve that methodology and Roll With The Changes: Adaptive Data Modeling for Evolving Applications and then check your data with Just-in-time Validation with JSON Schema. There’s also an intriguing glimpse into how to do Deterministic Document Analysis with Rust and WASM from MongoDB’s Compass team.

And More

Those are some more of the great talks lined up for MongoDB World 2019. We’ll keep you up to date as any more talks are added. That's it for T-7, the countdown to MongoDB World. We'll be back next week with T-6 and the latest MongoDB World updates.