T-5 Countdown to MongoDB World - Hackathons, Challenges and Tips

Dj Walker-Morgan

#MongoDB World 2019

Please note: This article discusses MongoDB Mobile and Sync. Those products are currently being deprecated as we work towards a public beta of MongoDB Realm. To learn more about this, see the MongoDB Realm site.

With just five weeks to go before we all get together at MongoDB World 2019, the planning and organizing is going full steam ahead. This week, the Hackathon winners have been announced, the weekly challenges are ongoing, and we have the answer to the question "When do you turn up for MongoDB World?"

The Hackathon Winners

Yes, the MongoDB World 2019 Hackathon has announced the winners and the three winning teams will be on their way to MongoDB World to present their creations so the grand prize winner can be chosen. There’s a mind-controlled wheelchair prototype with MongoDB Mobile recording events, a coffee delivery system which tracks stocks of coffee with MongoDB and MongoDB Stitch, and a trading strategies automator with a MongoDB Atlas backend. You’ll see them all at MongoDB World. If you still want a chance to code to win then don’t forget that...

The Challenges Continue

Eliot’s Weekly MongoDB World Challenge continues this Wednesday and every Wednesday up until MongoDB World. In the last challenge, participants used Charts to dig into a dataset through visualization - see how it’s done in the solution. Catch the next challenge live as it’s announced on the MongoDB Instagram account. This week's challenge is going to be all about Stitch Triggers so it will be a great opportunity to learn and win.

World Class Tips

We got a question from one attendee wondering what time they should arrive on the Monday of MongoDB World 2019 and did they need to sign up for sessions in advance. Well, we can help there. Sessions will be starting at 8am, Monday morning. Allow time for registration before that. If you want to glide into sessions at 8am, why not register on Sunday at the early badge pickup that runs between 5pm and 7pm? There’s no need to sign up for sessions in advance, but we recommend that you make yourself a schedule to get from session to session quickly.

And here's another world class tip. Register for MongoDB World 2019 by next Friday (May 24th) using the code BUILD and you'll snag yourself a $149 pass into the conference. See you there!