T-8: The First Look At The MongoDB World 2019 Talks

Dj Walker-Morgan

#MongoDB World 2019

Another week closer to MongoDB World 2019 and we are pleased to have the first published details of the sessions. Before that though, some urgent reminders.

  • The MongoDB World Hackathon closes to submissions on April 30th, so remember to get your projects in before then. You don't want to miss out on the fabulous prizes.

  • If you haven't got your ticket for the conference yet, we'd just like to mention the early bird pricing for passes ends on May 3rd, so get to the MongoDB World site and get registered. If you need convincing that there's something there for you, read on...

MongoDB World 2019 Agenda

Yes, it's here. The agenda for MongoDB World's 2019 talks. You can dive in right now and browse all the sessions or stay right here for a taster of whats coming, track by track, with a selection of the over 90 sessions that'll be taking place. The this years strands cover AI/ML, Analytics, Automation, Cloud Migration, Query Performance, Schema Design, Security, Serverless, and Transactions and more. Let's start at the top of the list with...


In this hot topic track, From Transformation to Innovation: Lean-teams, Continuous Delivery, and Artificial Intelligence with MongoDB at Travelers Insurance and Real-time Clinical Decision Support System: Building A Machine Learning Platform Using MongoDB will look at MongoDB with Machine Learning in two very different environments, insurance and health.


Your data wants to be analyzed and this track shows how. From analyzing your data warehouse in Analytics with MongoDB: The Data Warehouse You Didn't Know You Had to building aggregation pipelines in Unleash the Power of the MongoDB Aggregation Framework, to visualizing your insights in Go on a Data Safari with MongoDB Charts! and digging for that insight with Python in Exploring your MongoDB Data with Pirates (R) and Snakes (Python).


Making your systems automatically manage themselves is a goal for everyone. Whether it's talks about Kubernetes like Mastering  MongoDB in Kubernetes and Using the MongoDB Enterprise Kubernetes Operator to Scale MongoDB Containers on Red Hat OpenShift or talks about Terraform such as Creating a Self-healing MongoDB Replica Set on GCP Compute Engine Resources using Terraform or Terraform New Worlds on MongoDB Atlas, you'll automatically find something to make life easier.

Cloud Migration

Everyone is heading to the cloud, given how many talks are in this strand. Whether you want to go on A MongoDB Journey: Moving From a Relational Database to MongoDB Atlas or just Lift & Shift MongoDB to Atlas, there'll be a talk for you. Talks range from the physics of the global cloud in Event Horizon: Meet Albert Einstein As You Move To The Cloud to the day to day practicality of backup in Modern Data Backup and Recovery from On-Premises to the Public Cloud .

Query Performance

How to get your answers quicker? Improve your query performance in this strand where you can learn How Braze uses the MongoDB Aggregation Pipeline for Lean, Mean, and Efficient Scaling, get Tips and Tricks++ for Querying and Indexing MongoDB and experience The Sights (and Smells) of a Bad Query. You can also find out how RDBMS versus MongoDB Aggregation Performance stacks up when real world large data sets are in play.

Schema Design

The secret of great data is great data models and in this strand you'll find A Complete Methodology to Data Modeling for MongoDB. There's also a chance to discover Patterns and Anti-Patterns with MongoDB for your to leverage or avoid as appropriate.


Keeping your data and databases secure is essential and these strand's talks range from an MongoDB Atlas Security 101 for Developers to a look at the New Encryption Capabilities in MongoDB 4.2: A Deep Dive into Protecting Sensitive Workloads. And for something different, look out for the Journey to Magical Security Creatures’ Land tutorial.


Building serverless apps is something MongoDB Stitch is all about. In this thread, you'll be able to hear about In-App Bug Reporting and a Life In Stitch-es as developers talk about their experience with MongoDB's serverless platform. If you want to experience it more directly, check out the Introduction to MongoDB Stitch Hands-On Workshop tutorial.


And, last, but by no means least, the transactions strand will spotlight MongoDB's ACID transaction capability. If you are new to transactions, you can get to Understanding ACID Transactions Play By Play before moving on. In other shards of the strand you'll hear about MongoDB Read Isolation: Making Your Reads Clean, Committed, and Repeatable, how to Prepare Yourselves: Sharded Transactions Are Coming, and the why and how of Benchmarking Transactions: MongoDB Meets TPC-C.

These are just some of the great talks lined up for MongoDB World 2019. That's it for T-8, the countdown to MongoDB World. We'll be back next week with T-7 and more news and details of what to expect at MongoDB World 2019.