Survey of 2,000 IT Professionals Reveals the Importance of Innovation, and Its Challenges



We all know that innovation is hard. Yet innovation is high on the strategic agendas of most organizations, partly because there is no choice. Highly innovative organizations are more successful across a number of measures, including profitability.

Increasingly, that innovation must be delivered through software. Early in the digital age, just using software was enough to set a company apart. But today, off-the-shelf software (or off-the-shelf cloud services) doesn’t provide a lasting competitive advantage, because your competitors have access to the exact same software and services. It’s up to internal teams to build the innovations that set organizations apart.

The 2022 MongoDB Report on Data and Innovation surveyed 2,000 developers and IT decision-makers in the Asia Pacific region, covering Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, South Korea, and Taiwan.

The report details our findings on the importance of innovation, the technical challenges to building new things, and the consequences when you fail to do so. Some of the important discoveries we uncovered are:

  • Fully 73% of respondents agreed that working with data is the hardest part of building and evolving applications.

  • 55% say their data architectures are complex. In fact, 38% of organizations surveyed use 10+ databases.

  • 28% of developers’ time is spent building new features or applications, versus 27% maintaining existing data, applications, and systems.

  • Top blockers of innovation include developer workloads, data architecture, legacy technologies and technical debt

To unlock all our findings and understand more about the need for an increased attention on innovation, download the full report.