Sumo Logic's new app offers a 360 degree view of MongoDB Atlas

Jenny Liang

You can now get a 360 degree view of MongoDB Atlas in Sumo Logic with a new monitoring integration.

Sumo Logic recently announced a MongoDB Atlas app for their platform which enables their users to monitor MongoDB Atlas alongside the hundreds of applications and platforms that already report into Sumo Logic's monitoring system. Previously, you could only use Sumo Logic to monitor, optimize, and secure self-hosted MongoDB deployments. With the new app, you can now gain insights into cloud deployments running on Atlas.

The new app collects logs and metrics from Atlas via the public API, which can then be used to create dashboards in Sumo Logic. Sample use cases include identifying slow queries to optimize cluster performance, tracking database operations and system metrics to troubleshoot errors, and mapping user logins, activities, and audit logs for visibility into the security of Atlas. Together, these insights give you a comprehensive view of your application stack and how it performs.

To learn more about the Sumo Logic integration for MongoDB Atlas, check out their extensive blog on the features and views available.