Personalized Customer Experience Made Simple & Secure

Abhinav Mehla


Sitecore as a Service from Avanade and MongoDB

In today’s connected world, customers are more informed and demanding than ever before. Brands are judged as much by the experience they deliver to their customers as they are for their products or services. These expectations raise the stakes for people managing these brands. No longer can marketing teams rely on the straight and narrow customer journey to reach the target audience. They need to go the extra mile to build a personalized and secure experience for each of our customers. Whether the customer is browsing on the company website, interacting on social media, or chatting with a customer service representative, each touch point provides an opportunity to delight the customer as well as collect data to gain valuable insights. These insights can then be leveraged to deliver an enhanced, more tailored experience at the next interaction, improving the outcome of the customer journey. However, achieving such sophistication requires marketing teams to be equipped with a technology that offers rich data management and analytical capabilities.

Sitecore has emerged as one such powerful technology. Technology teams can leverage Sitecore to empower business users with the capabilities to deliver personalized experiences and derive meaningful insights. Built on MongoDB, Sitecore Experience Database (xDB) is a huge marketing data repository that collects all customer interactions, connecting them to create a comprehensive, unified view of the individual customer. This unified view can be used to automate the delivery of a personalized customer experience across all channels. As the core component of Sitecore xDB, MongoDB provides a scalable data platform to store and analyze all data from any channel and any touchpoint in real time. Although powerful, we often observe that getting the most out of a Sitecore implementation requires careful planning, implementation, migration of existing data, delivery, and continuous operations. At the same time, it's essential to ensure that business users face no disruptions while relying on large scale Sitecore xDB deployments. This is why MongoDB and Avanade have partnered to offer enterprises a comprehensive, hassle-free, cloud-based managed service for Sitecore on the MongoDB Atlas. The solution is delivered and managed by Avanade, Sitecore’s largest partner and it’s only global platinum solutions partner. It is powered by MongoDB Atlas, engineered and hosted by the same team that builds the MongoDB database. For those who do not want to run MongoDB for Sitecore xDB in the cloud, we also provide MongoDB Enterprise Advanced which includes the same capabilities but within your own data center or private cloud.

Managing backend infrastructure for your Sitecore deployment by yourself can prove to be a major distraction. We often hear from our customers that dealing with operational challenges takes away focus from the main priority of continuously delivering an enhanced and personalized experience. As Sitecore is a real-time workload, operating it at scale can prove to be even more demanding. MongoDB and Avanade joint solution is purpose built to eliminate such distractions. You no longer need to juggle between the priorities of providing a high performance, secure, always-on experience and rapidly delivering new capabilities. Moreover, to make things simple, our solution provides a single line of support for Sitecore, MongoDB, and Microsoft Azure.

“As a fully managed service designed and built for the cloud, our offering gives leading businesses and brands the agility and flexibility to grow as their business grows with the unique assurances large organizations require. Moreover, our expertise with MongoDB Atlas and Azure will help you ensure success at each stage of the Sitecore deployment lifecycle.”
- Justin Calvo, Executive, Digital Marketing Platform, Services & Offerings, Avanade

We also understand that you need to protect your brand while delivering an uninterrupted personalized experience anytime, anywhere. This means that your data platform needs to be secure, reliable, and scalable. MongoDB Atlas addresses those requirements to provide the best data platform to run Sitecore xDB in the cloud. Also available on Azure, Atlas is an automated cloud service for MongoDB that is secure and highly available by default. It incorporates the operational best practices that MongoDB has learned from optimizing thousands of deployments across startups and the Fortune 100. As your data and performance needs grow, Atlas can elastically scale to match changing needs without any disruptions. To keep your deployment up to date, patches are applied automatically, and upgrades can also be performed without any downtime. It also offers continuous backup with point in time recovery, so that you don’t lose any customer touchpoints.

As your Sitecore implementation matures, you might want to develop advanced functionalities. MongoDB’s analytics capabilities and Avanade’s expertise can further help you develop these sophisticated functionalities. For instance, organizations can leverage MongoDB Connector for Apache Spark to perform deep analytics on live operational data in MongoDB to update customer classifications and personalize offers in real time.

To get the most out of your Sitecore investment, you must also ensure that your Sitecore deployment is tailored to address specific business needs. With over 1,300 trained Sitecore specialists and more than 250 clients spanning 21 countries, you can trust Avanade’s expertise in designing, delivering, and managing large scale Sitecore implementations. Migrating to our solution is also easy. Existing Sitecore xDB can migrate their existing MongoDB deployments, either from on-premises or any other cloud, to MongoDB Atlas with live migration. Additionally, Avanade has specialized migration and integration practices to help start empowering business users faster.

Together, Avanade and MongoDB are committed to helping enterprises and brands drive their digital and CMS strategy by implementing, deploying and managing Sitecore xDB with minimal friction. MongoDB and Avanade have not only helped the organizations integrate MongoDB, the data layer for Sitecore xDB, across operational, system of record and digital applications, but also perform sophisticated analytics. All of this without requiring the customer to invest time and money in developing and maintaining in-house skills. Visit this page to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of Sitecore xDB.

Adam Burden, Senior Managing Director of Accenture Technology, talks about how Accenture (including Avanade) and MongoDB are working together to help enterprises create a competitive advantage through digital transformation.