Seamlessly move data between Confluent Cloud and MongoDB Atlas!

Confluent Cloud is a fully managed event streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka®. Similar to MongoDB Atlas, Confluent Cloud is available on all three public cloud providers (AWS, Azure and GCP) and gives you an easy way to spin up fully automated Kafka clusters within minutes and without the need to provision and manage any infrastructure.

Figure 1: New cluster dialog in the Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud provides many of the options available with a self-hosted deployment of Apache Kafka including the Kafka Connect service. Kafka Connect enables data sources like MongoDB to exchange data with a Kafka Topic via a Kafka Connector. Released early in 2020, Kafka applications can make use of the MongoDB for Apache Kafka Connector. This connector provides both source and sink capabilities to self-hosted Kafka deployments and can be downloaded from the Confluent Hub.

Today we are announcing that the MongoDB for Apache Kafka connector is available in the Confluent Cloud!

Organizations around the world have put Confluent and MongoDB as foundational parts of their infrastructure so they can create real-time, modern applications. Through our work with MongoDB, we’re making it easier than ever for customers to integrate event streaming with their data in MongoDB Atlas. Now, organizations can spend less time building and managing core infrastructure, and more time delivering differentiated customer experiences.

Ganesh Srinivasan, VP of Product and Engineering at Confluent

This makes it easy to quickly build highly scalable streaming solutions that leverage best of breed technologies all without the need to stand up any infrastructure. With the MongoDB Atlas Source you can push some or all of the documents into a Kafka topic. The MongoDB Atlas Sink enables you to selectively pull data from a Kafka topic into a MongoDB Atlas cluster for advanced querying, reporting, and long term storage.

Figure 2: MongoDB Atas Sink and MongoDB Atlas Source in the Confluent Cloud

For a step-by-step walk through of the MongoDB Atlas Source and Sink available in the Confluent Cloud, check out the blog post, “Announcing the MongoDB Atlas Sink and Source Connectors in Confluent Cloud”.