Samsung Knox and MongoDB Join Forces to Secure the Future of Mobile Devices


In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for robust and comprehensive security solutions has never been more important. Launched in 2013, Samsung Knox—the mobile device security platform from Samsung Electronics Mobile Experience (MX)— has set the standard for protecting business and enterprise devices, providing an unparalleled level of control from the application level down to the hardware.

A presentation by Eunjoo Kim from Samsung Electronics MX at MongoDB.local Seoul 2023, outlined how the team is using MongoDB for the Samsung Knox Cloud solutions.

The backbone of innovation

The security platform’s mission is to ensure that business and enterprise customers can operate seamlessly without the threat of data breaches and cyberattacks. Since introduced in 2013, Knox has secured over 1 billion Samsung devices and is used to manage over 70 million devices. Trusted around the world, Knox has helped over 30,000 businesses achieve their goals at a global scale.

Eunjoo Kim, Samsung Electronics' MX division

As technology evolves, the platform team is committed to building an agile and rapid development environment with a microservices-oriented architecture to introduce new services. Starting in 2019, it has been using MongoDB to power its cutting-edge cloud-based platform.

With MongoDB's powerful database capabilities, the platform has facilitated fast and efficient development across its dozens of MongoDB clusters worldwide. The synergy between the two companies enables Samsung’s development and operations teams to seamlessly build new microservices on top of MongoDB to solve new security challenges.

Boosting developers' efficiency

The infrastructure for Samsung Knox spans European and US regions, requiring a robust cluster management system. Using a replica set structure built on AWS EC2 instances and powered by MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, the team found a seamless architecture to provide better performance for local users and more resilience across regions.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced provides the Samsung Knox team with a comprehensive set of tools and features, including monitoring, real-time analytics, profiles, alerts, backups, maintenance, index manager, account manager, and more.

"MongoDB Enterprise Advanced plays a critical role in securing the enterprise database infrastructure, ensuring smooth operations, and resolving issues quickly. What's more, all of these features are easily accessible and manageable through a web interface," says Eunjoo Kim. "MongoDB Ops Manager and the replica set structure result in a robust and easy-to-manage disaster recovery (DR) strategy, which is essential for enterprise services."

Eunjoo Kim, Samsung Electronics' MX division

All-around support for seamless migration

Significant growth for Samsung Knox introduced new challenges. For example, the need to accommodate additional data such as IMEI numbers to support dual SIM cards in Samsung devices was a critical hurdle for developers. It required a major update to their existing device collection document, a task that could potentially add complexity to operations and development.

To seamlessly deploy these new features into their existing security services, the team needed schema versioning patterns to quickly create new fields and update applications. MongoDB allowed the team to easily adapt their application logic to accommodate new data fields for the latest services. This approach also allowed them to control the pace of application migration and stabilize the process without disrupting their day-to-day operations and development efforts.

Samsung Knox didn't go on this journey alone. MongoDB University, a free online education platform with hands-on courses, has been a key asset. It provides a wealth of knowledge on data modeling, as well as many other practical methods, including schema versioning techniques, that developers can use when working with MongoDB.

"This resource simplifies the process of learning and using MongoDB, making it an invaluable tool for both new and experienced developers," emphasizes Eunjoo Kim. "With MongoDB University, we have been able to equip our team with the insights and skills required to realize the full potential of MongoDB and ensure successful adaptation to their evolving needs."

Collaborative future with MongoDB

Samsung Knox plans to continue working with MongoDB, not only in its technical infrastructure but also within its internal developer community. "Our team is focusing on spreading MongoDB knowledge among our developers. This means a deeper, company-wide understanding and use of MongoDB," says Eunjoo Kim.

As the business expands and workloads become more complex, Samsung Knox is committed to working closely with MongoDB to stay at the forefront of providing security products and solutions that protect every device user.