Robert Fehrman: Giant of the Month, September

Francesca Krihely


MongoDB customers and community members are the people who realize GIANT ideas. We are excited to begin highlighting some of our community members, our MongoDB Giants, who are tackling challenging problems and bringing solutions to life with MongoDB.

September’s Giant of the Month is Robert Fehrman, Senior Architect at Snagajob, a site that aims to put people in the right fit positions so they can maximize their potential and live more fulfilling lives.


Robert has been working with Database technologies for over 30 years. Back then the newest kid on the block was Oracle. Over the years Robert has worked on countless applications, small and big, development and administration, always staying close to the data tier.

While requirements against the data tier continuously increased the capabilities of traditional data systems didn't keep up with the pace. Five years ago Snagajobs growth outpaced the incremental improvements on their relational systems, and Robert was searching for a new database that could handle their continued growth. In 2011 MongoDB was still lacking major features but it had incredible potential. It was a Giant Idea and the bet paid off big time for Snagajob.

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Since then Robert has taken almost all the courses at MongoDB University, has been a founding member of the Richmond MUG, which celebrated it's 3rd anniversary in October of last year. And when Snagajob opened an office in Arlington, VA, Robert joined the Washington DC MUG, became a co-organizer and convinced Snagajob to provide the community with the same support for the DC community that the Richmond community has enjoyed for years.

Robert also enjoys working with Hadoop, Vertica, and exploring new DevOps and cloud technologies. In his spare time Robert likes to travel with his wife and two daughters, sailing big boats and flying kites.

Read Robert’s story on why he bet on MongoDB five years ago and why he and his team continue to use the database today.

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