Rackspace and 10gen Team Up to Deliver Cloud Platform Engineered for MongoDB Solutions

Meghan Gill

#mongonyc#mongodb days

At MongoNYC, we announced a strategic partnership with Rackspace to offer a cloud platform engineered specifically for MongoDB. We’re teaming up with Rackspace’s recently acquired Database-as-a-Service, ObjectRocket, to make it easier to develop and scale large MongoDB deployments in the cloud.

Through the partnership, we’re looking forward to deepening our relationship with Rackspace on several fronts. We plan to collaborate on sales and marketing initiatives to expand adoption of MongoDB. We’ll work together on technical support for customers, with Rackspace escalating support of customers to 10gen. And we’ll make it easy for 10gen customers to provision ObjectRocket instances from our downloads page.

At MongoNYC, the ObjectRocket co-founders Kenny Gorman and Chris Lalonde were interviewed on the partnership, the acquisition by Rackspace and the overall MongoDB and cloud ecosystem.

Check out the ObjectRocket blog for a detailed recap of MongoNYC from Kenny.