Eliot Horowitz Presentation: Big Data is Modern Data

Dj Walker-Morgan


Playback is where the MongoDB blog brings you selected talks from around the world and around the industry. This time, we feature our own CTO, Eliot Horowitz as he talks about what makes modern data and modern applications.

At Big Data LDN 2018 conference, MongoDB CTO and Co-founder Eliot Horowitz presented "Big Data is Modern Data", a talk that looks into the requirements of modern applications. It's not just about being big data. Modern applications need to be flexible, inherently distributed and available to any client, mobile, desktop or IoT device. It's those same requirements that also lead to the need for better productivity from developers, smarter, more automated infrastructure and new approaches to application connectivity.

Eliot reduces these demands to a core set of challenges for modern application development - size and cost, speed and availability, data placement and security. Looking at what you need to take on those issues, he then outlines the ideal data platform to enable rapid development. This platform should include support for rich flexible data structures, distributed data as the default and the ability to run anywhere. Then he looks at how the other players in the current database landscape try to address each of these aspects and how MongoDB explicitly addresses them.

The future of data is not just big, it's modern.