Playback: Creating Operational Data Stores with Atlas and Stitch at Acxiom - MongoDB World 2018

Dj Walker-Morgan

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Playback is where the MongoDB blog brings you selected talks from around the world and around the industry. Here, we continue show-casing the great talks at MongoDB World 2018 from people running MongoDB in production and at scale.

Who wants to spend their time manipulating relational databases to be flexible about the data they store? And who would want to have a complicated and richly ticketed deployment process for each new client? Wouldn't it be great if MongoDB Atlas and Stitch could help make all that go away? That was the challenge that Acxiom's Scott Jones and Karen Wilson talked about in their MongoDB World 2018 presentation Pissing Off IT and Delivery: A Tale of 2 ODS’s.

Having had a positive experience of migrating Acxiom's metadata storage to MongoDB, the Acxiom team discovered MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Stitch one year prior at 2017's MongoDB World. It was just a week of development to prove they could build a new operational data store that they could deploy in the cloud themselves, without any IT tickets needed. The production system uses Stitch to power their API and Atlas to store documents with integration to their existing authentication and PII engine.

The result means Acxiom can deploy for a new client in twenty minutes and saw improved latency and throughput for the applications. It's also easy to install custom validation as a function per client and yet work off a single codebase for the overall application. Webhooks offer the API front end that activates Stitch functions which then perform the work of retrieving or inserting documents. It's a powerful combination of tools in the cloud and the speakers talk about the benefits and the challenges they've met on the way.