MongoDB Partners With Codecademy on New “Learn MongoDB” Course


MongoDB is pleased to announce the release of the new "Learn MongoDB'' course, created together with Codecademy. Hosted on the Codecademy platform, the course teaches students the basics of MongoDB and how to perform CRUD operations, query and analyze data, and create and use indexes.

With interactive tutorials and quizzes throughout, developers in the “Learn MongoDB” course can educate themselves on the breadth of MongoDB’s developer data platform and learn best practices for building applications on top of MongoDB. And by completing additional coursework on the programming language of their choice on Codecademy, early-career developers can learn how to code across the full application stack. This is a free, self-paced course that takes approximately eight hours to complete.

For developers building new applications, identifying the right solution for their data layer is critical. But equally important is learning how to use their solution of choice for maximum reliability and scalability. In addition to documentation and how-to guides, educational courses like “Learn MongoDB” are invaluable for helping developers harness new solutions to their full potential. MongoDB offers MongoDB University, which helps developers advance their careers with MongoDB courses and certifications; we also partner with leading third-party providers of developer educational experiences like Codecademy.

If you’re a developer new to working with MongoDB, Codecademy’s “Learn MongoDB” course is a great way to get started. Sign up today!