Optimizing DataOps in the Cloud with Zaloni and MongoDB

Dana Groce


Migrating from on-premises to cloud-based data management is not a trivial task. To get the most benefit from new analytical and operational use cases, you’ll need a solid foundation in data management and a DataOps strategy with a strong focus on governance.

Zaloni’s Arena software provides a unified data management platform that can be easily deployed to manage such hybrid environments. Organizations can use out-of-the-box governance and automation capabilities to modernize, transform, and denormalize data into MongoDB Atlas. Data engineers can further implement analytical and reporting use-cases using no-code/low-code capabilities in Arena. Arena’s machine learning based data mastering and data provisioning capabilities support a wide variety of use cases, including the creation of customer 360 data stores with low latency access to data via MongoDB Atlas and MongoDB Atlas Search.

The following architecture diagram and demo video show how Arena integrates with MongoDB.


Demo Video

Cloud Data Management in Action

Use Case: Cloud Data Migration


  • On-premises databases do not provide adequate scalability or flexibility.
  • Storage and compute need to be decoupled, allowing you to scale each independently.
  • The on-prem model assumes the high costs and resource-intensive effort of maintaining, upgrading, and provisioning new servers. Many organizations can realize significant value by shifting costs from a capital expenditure (CAPEX) model to a more predictable and controllable operating expenditure (OPEX) model. Digital transformation initiatives require data and application modernization.


  • Migrate to the cloud for an OPEX-only model, saving precious time, resources, and costs.
  • Provide low code/no-code data pipelines with data quality checks, profiling, masking, and tokenization.
  • Allow one time and recurring data migration.
  • Enable data consumption for MongoDB.

cloud migration process

Use Case: Customer 360


  • Customer data is scattered in multiple silos.
  • Governance and data quality checks are essentially non-existent.
  • Enterprises are unequipped to support digital transformation use cases without unified data for 360-degree customer views.
  • Rigid schemas slow down or block enhancements of customer 360 views over time.


  • Easily source and unify data from multiple sources, no matter where it resides.
  • Automatically check for data quality and identify sensitive data using machine learning.
  • Create master records for customer 360 views.
  • Provision to MongoDB for consumption.
  • Enable faster and better analytics for differentiated customer experiences (right offer, right time), improved customer lifetime value, new revenue streams, and other sales and marketing successes.

customer 360

Customer Success Story: Securities 360 view

TIAA/Nuveen, a large asset management firm, uses Zaloni Arena to rapidly onboard financial data to create investment products based on environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors . Arena ingests traditional financial metrics and alternative data from various non-traditional sources to create a Securities 360 view for ESG scoring. A holistic view for each security, along with the ESG scores, are provisioned from the data lake to MongoDB. Portfolio managers and other data consumers are then able to access the 360 views to create new investment products.

Modernize to the Cloud

Zaloni’s Arena platform helps companies transition from on-premises environments to MongoDB Atlas as they modernize their data architecture to the cloud. In addition to simplifying data migration, Arena provides end-to-end management and governance of the data supply chain, building a DataOps foundation to support a wide variety of analytics use cases. To learn more about how Arena and MongoDB can help you overcome your data challenges, read more and schedule a custom demo at www.zaloni.com/demo.