One Week To MongoDB World 2019 - T-1 Countdown

Dj Walker-Morgan

#Events#MongoDB World 2019

With just one week to go, the excitement for MongoDB World 2019 is heading to a peak. There's so much going on and in this final Countdown article, we'll have a quick reminder of what's in store and some special news about what's happening on the blog. Let's start with that special news first…

Live Blogging

We're going to be Live Blogging the three days, so you'll be able to stay in touch with the events as they happen. We'll get you to the livestreams when they go live, give you a key to the keynote and have reports from sessions, talks and the Builders Fest. We'll also be in the corridors where we'll be talking to MongoDB people and conference attendees.

The Live Blog is also interactive - click on the comment button and you can ask us questions and more. If you're at MongoDB World, you'll find the Live Blog crew in the Leaf Lounge and we are looking forward to meeting you!

Day 1's Live Blog will be at so add that to your bookmarks and check in with us at 8AM ET as we wake up the conference.

The Quick Guide

And now to your quick MongoDB World 2019 guide. Do remember that the MongoDB World site is your reference. And if you haven't got your pass to the event that's the center of gravity of the MongoDB Universe, get to the MongoDB World site and click register. It's your last chance to get a discount on your pass, so use the code LASTCHANCE to get a most excellent discount.


Let's start with the talks. There are two days of them in nine different rooms and over 100 sessions. And there's special re-runs on the third day of selected sessions. That's a lot to schedule, but we have to help you out. You can view the talks, abstracts and plan which talks you want to get to. Pro-tip: you can also view the event as a grid or as a fully expanded list of everything, abstracts and all.

The countdown blog series had a look at the talks, if you don't want to go through the schedule yourself - See T-8, T-7 and T-6. Also on the schedule, you'll see the drivers unconference that runs through the first two days.


Tuesday will be the day we have the keynotes happening. The big keynote runs from 10:00am to 11:30am and it'll be where co-founder and CTO Eliot Horowitz will be mapping out what's coming with MongoDB, MongoDB Atlas, Realm and more. The second keynote is at 4:00pm and will, among other things, see the MongoDB World Hackathon finalists present their projects. Attendees will get a chance to help select the first place winner.


Wednesday's focus is on the Builder's Fest, a new feature of MongoDB World where you can get hands-on or close up experience of aspects of MongoDB, from learning sessions on modeling data to working with a MongoDB-powered Rover. You can find the full range of activities during all three days on the World Activities page.


Also Wednesday, there'll be tournaments and competitions taking place around and in the Builders Fest. If you like a security challenge, you'll have the chance to show your skills and learn some new ones in the MongoDB/Secure Code Warrior tournament. Twenty four tasks in sixteen languages; the mission - to track down OWASP's Top 10 code vulnerabilities in programs. There'll be awards for the most successful. There's also the chance to take part in the coding competitions so you can code golf your way to the top or switch gears for some console challenges on the gaming stage.

That's it for the MongoDB World 2019 Countdown. We'll be back next week, excited and live at MongoDB World 2019, the centre of gravity for the MongoDB universe. Be there, and if you can't be there, keep up with the MongoDB blog and live blog.