MongoDB Welcomes New Cohort of Community Champions and Enthusiasts


MongoDB is excited to announce our new Community Champions and Community Enthusiasts joining the Community Advocacy Program.

This program is a global community of passionate and dedicated MongoDB advocates. Through it, members can grow their knowledge, profile, and leadership by engaging with the larger community and advocating for MongoDB technologies and our users.

Community Champions and Community Enthusiasts keep everyone informed and excited about our latest developments and offerings. They're the connective tissue between MongoDB and the organizers, contributors, and creators who represent the backbone of our community. They share their knowledge and experiences with others through a variety of media and events.

Community Advocacy Program members also uplevel their knowledge of MongoDB technologies and build personal skills in advocacy and community engagement by working closely with MongoDB staff

Members gain a variety of experiences and relationships that grow their professional stature as MongoDB practitioners and enable them to form meaningful bonds with community leaders.

Returning Community Champion Nuri Halperin shared his experiences with the program: “Being part of the MongoDB Community Advocacy Program is a true honor. I get to work closely with people who are as enthusiastic as me about MongoDB, sharing our experiences and perspectives. It’s the place where we seriously geek-out, learn, and imagine new possibilities. This is the kind of deep engagement you can’t really get anywhere else.”

To learn more about the Community Advocacy Program, please visit the MongoDB Community Advocacy Program page.