MongoDB University MCP Spotlight: Nestor Campos



As part of MongoDB University’s 2 Year Anniversary, we are sharing stories from our MongoDB University classes to showcase how they got started with MongoDB and where they’ve gone since graduation

This is a guest post by Nestor Campos, a software engineer and consultant from Chile who is a Certified MongoDB Developer, who will share his experience learning MongoDB through MongoDB University.

As a software engineer, I know I always need to keep my up with new technologies to stay relevant in the market.

After several years working with relational database, I found that they were not meeting the needs for all my projects, so after doing some research, I found the “non-relational”(NoSQL) databases and started experimenting with them. I decided to work with MongoDB, for its simplicity, ease of use and its wide range of use cases.

As soon as I started with MongoDB, MongoDB University opened, and I enrolled in the first course, M101P. It was difficult at first, but I learned quickly and working with MongoDB became more natural to me every day of the course.

After passing the M101 course, it was time to validate my work and get certified. I signed up to take the Developer Certification exam, studied for several months, and completed the course successfully. I was very excited and after completing the course, was motivated to continue working with MongoDB.

All of the courses and certification I’ve completed ​​through MongoDB University have helped give a new vision to the projects I work on, and opened a range of possibilities for my the entire organization.

The knowledge I built through MongoDB University allowed me to give back to the community and get ahead at work. After getting certified, I taught some workshops on Big Data. Starting next week, we are starting a large project that will involve collecting and manipulating data from social networks, and MongoDB was already defined as the core database to meet our objectives. Now I feel like a real Big Data engineer.

I am now certified as a MongoDB Developer and my goal is to become a certified MongoDB DBA next year. I hope more community members will take advantage of MongoDB certification and share the benefits of MongoDB within their organizations and to their clients.