MongoDB Stitch Static Hosting is GA, ready for all of your web applications

Dj Walker-Morgan


Back in November last year, we added static hosting to our MongoDB Stitch platform, enabling simple hosting for your web applications. Stitch already provided serverless functions, database triggers and native SDKs for rules-based, authenticated access to your data making it easy to create web applications with controlled access to data in a MongoDB Atlas database.

Stitch's static hosting completes the offering by making it just as easy to deliver your website anywhere in the world, administered from the Stitch UI and with your own custom domain name. Now Stitch static hosting is generally available and ready for any production application.

A SPA break

Alongside the GA of Stitch static hosting, we added streamlined support for Single Page Applications (SPA). Single Page Applications are designed to minimize downloads and requests from the server by placing the application, as the name says, in a single page. They then can use dynamic routing and other mechanisms to navigate the user to the part of the application they want without loading different pages. To achieve this, a typical SPA web applications relies on the domain always returning a 200 status for all paths apart from the applications page, while they handle their own dynamic routing.

To make it as easy as possible to do this, stitch static hosting now allows a single file to be uploaded such that that file will then always be returned for every path. Read more about how this makes hosting SPA web applications easier in the Stitch documentation.

Remember, you can use Stitch with a Free MongoDB Atlas M0 tier cluster, so why not sign up today and get deploying your serverless MongoDB application today?