MongoDB Recognizes 2015 Innovation Award Winners



The annual MongoDB Innovation Awards recognize organizations and individuals that are creating groundbreaking applications. These projects represent the best and most innovative work in the industry over the last year.

There were hundreds of nominations, across dozens of industries, from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises. The winning organizations were honoured today at MongoDB World 2015.

A full list of the winners and a brief description of their projects can be found below:

Agility is one of the world's largest full service travel sites.

In just two months, a three person development team put a new service into production that allowed users to plan comprehensive vacations across multiple devices. After Scratchpad went into production, it became widely adopted. The heavy use meant the application’s data structure needed changing on the fly, but downtime was out of the question. Relying on MongoDB’s flexibility the team radically changed the schema structure three times to continue to improve the service. Fortunately, MongoDB allowed Expedia to do all this while running at scale, with zero impact on the customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence is an artificially intelligent personal assistant who schedules meetings for you. Users simply cc Amy ( and she conducts a negotiation over email with your guests, just like any human assistant would do. To compete in a market that includes IBM Watson, Apple’s Siri and Google Now, built Amy using technology including MongoDB, AWS, Scala, and node.js. passes emails through natural language processing and supervised learning engines that understand the context of the information before it is enriched and stored in MongoDB.


Recorded Future's products enable analysts to forecast cyber threats, conduct intelligence research, increase business competitiveness, and monitor the horizon for situational awareness. To deliver these powerful insights Recorded Future relies on MongoDB’s flexible data modeling, indexing and scalability.

Amadeus is the leading provider of software and technology solutions for the global travel industry. Using MongoDB, Amadeus is able to gain an in-depth understanding of its markets, make better predictions, and build personalized experiences across the entire travel cycle. Amadeus is empowering real-time insights with MongoDB by using its rich data structure, flexible schema, high availability, and scale-out capabilities. The service offered by Amadeus enables its customers to replace batch analytical processes with faster and more efficient analysis of raw data.


SmartyPal is an educational platform and iPad app based on children's stories, powered by an intelligent adaptive learning engine. MongoDB is at the heart of SmartyPal, defining the structure and layout of each individual story with its associated games. MongoDB also enables a personalized learning experience based on hundreds of raw data points from each individual’s gameplay, which are analyzed by SmartyPal's adaptive learning algorithms.


Turbine provides backend support for WB Games’ WBPlay service, which powers several titles including the recently announced Batman: Arkham Underworld and an upcoming mobile title based on the television series Game of Thrones. Turbine has built this service on MongoDB to store the game state of individual gamers, such as score, current level, and game assets. The service is also used to match players to one another in real time for online player-to-player games. Turbine designed the service to be used by any future WB Game title so that new games don’t have to re-write their own persistence layer.

Internet of Things

Based in Eden Prairie, MN, GE Capital’s Fleet Services business provides commercial car and truck financing and fleet management services. Fleet Services offers many innovative solutions and continuously develops new capabilities that give their customers tools to make more informed decisions, optimize spending and increase utilization for vehicle fleets.

The company recently incorporated MongoDB to their solution set in order to take advantage of its flexible data model. With this new capability there was a 10x improvement in response time to highly complex advanced analytics computations. This capability directly benefits customers and further enables them to improve the return on investment of their fleets.

Pebble is the originator of the smartwatch category, and Pebble Time is the brand’s latest, most innovative product. Featuring Pebble’s new timeline interface, which turns moments you care about—notifications, calendar events, weather, sports scores, breaking news, missed calls, app alerts—into pins that let you see what’s ahead or catch up on what’s already happened. Timeline gives you the info you need, when you want it–so you can live “now” to the fullest. Using Cloud Pebble, developers can build apps to enhance the Pebble smartwatch experience. MongoDB powers the Pebble timeline API, which allows developers to create web-based, time-oriented, near-real time experiences directly on Pebble Time users' wrists, opening up the Pebble development platform to the open web in completely new ways.


NOW TV is the online TV streaming service from Sky. MongoDB is one of the core databases underpinning NOW TV. The service receives significant traffic at peak times such as English Premier League games or the launch of Game of Thrones. NOW TV works with MongoDB to scale and provide a seamless user experience during these key periods.

Open Source

Facebook developed RocksDB to bring new levels of scalability to a selection of its applications. With the introduction of MongoDB 3.0’s pluggable storage architecture, Facebook engineers have adapted RocksDB to use the storage engine API, which is now in production at Parse. Facebook’s contribution not only enables other members of the community to adopt MongoDB with RocksDB, it also embodies the vision of offering a range of pluggable storage engines that can extend MongoDB into new workloads and new capabilities.


Gap Inc. is using MongoDB to help enable crucial transformation and support a significant increase in traffic as the company expands its online presence. By automating and optimizing the data processes around order fulfillment, the retailer will be able to dramatically reduce the time to deliver online orders. The MongoDB based project has set the foundation for further automation across the fulfillment process, which will have a lasting impact on the business.

AHL, a part of Man Group plc, is a quantitative investment manager based in London, Oxford and Hong Kong, with $16.5 billion in assets under management, as of March 31, 2015. Co-CTO Gary Collier and his team built a single platform for all of AHL’s financial data. As part of the new platform, AHL replaced traditional database technologies with MongoDB for every type and frequency of financial data. The impressive results include: 100x quicker data retrieval, 25x improvement in tick data throughput, disk usage reduced by 40%, and a 40x cost saving.

Congratulations to all of the winners.