MongoDB Partners with NCS to Drive Transformation for ASEAN Businesses and Build Innovative AI Tools


MongoDB, the developer data platform company, has partnered with NCS, the market leader in IT services in Singapore and Southeast Asia*, to help drive digital transformation for some of APAC's largest enterprises. NCS's team has also used MongoDB Atlas to build an ultra-accurate and ultra-fast speech recognition tool.

NCS provides a wide range of differentiated and end-to-end technology and digital services across 69 specialisations delivered through the expertise of its 12,000-strong team throughout Asia Pacific.

The partnership between NCS and MongoDB will enable customers to harness NCS' data analytics and business insights capabilities, while leveraging MongoDB’s developer data platform for enhanced scale, flexibility and accelerated time to market.

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Why Chose MongoDB Atlas to Build Hyperlocal Speech Recognition Software is a state-of-the-art automated hyperlocal speech recognition (AHSR) product developed by NCS. It transcribes spoken hyperlocal and Creole languages in Asia with ultra-accuracy and ultra-fast performance.

It is in a class of speech recognition systems known as Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition and complements speech analytics/processing systems that rely on accurate transcripts generated from a large volume of speech conversations. Use cases currently explored include regulatory compliance monitoring of conversations in the financial services and insurance industries to prevent misconduct and quality management of customer servicing calls.

Choosing the right database was crucial during the development of's AHSR system. MongoDB was selected for four core reasons:

  1. Scalability and Performance: requires processing massive amounts of audio data in real time for accurate transcription. MongoDB's scalability and performance capabilities enable to handle large volumes of data efficiently, ensuring ultra-fast performance and responsiveness.

  2. Flexibility: MongoDB's flexible schema and document model allows to quickly build, upgrade and evolve the product over time. The team can adapt to constantly evolving market needs by launching new product experiences without expensive and complex schema migration processes.

  3. Reliability and Security: MongoDB's built-in high availability features ensure data durability and availability. And the robust security features make it suitable for mission-critical applications.

  4. Vibrant Community and Ecosystem: MongoDB's large and active community provides extensive support and a thriving ecosystem of tools, libraries, and resources, benefiting's product development and continued innovation.

MongoDB has proven to be the ideal database solution for's ultra-accurate and ultra-fast AHSR system. Its scalability, flexibility, reliability, security, and vibrant community make MongoDB the perfect fit for's requirements. It supports its mission to deliver cutting-edge AHSR products to allow organisations to hear and understand hyperlocal voice conversations at scale more accurately.

Simon Eid, Senior Vice President of APAC, MongoDB said: "NCS's innovative use of MongoDB's developer data platform clearly demonstrates the potential impact of this partnership. We're very excited to work together with NCS to help companies across APAC innovate, transform industries and efficiently scale."

*Source: Gartner, Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide 2021, Neha Sethi et al., 8 Apr 2022.