MongoDB Management Service Release Notes: Updates to the Hosts Page, MongoDB Automation, Agent Updates



In case you missed the big news, last week was huge for MongoDB and the MMS team. We released MongoDB 2.6, and along with that, MMS On-Prem 1.4. Continuous, incremental MongoDB backup is available to all users in the cloud and now on-premise as part of MongoDB Standard and Enterprise Subscriptions. In addition, we announced automation (in testing with select users) for provisioning, upgrading and managing clusters

This iteration (v20140415) also focused on updates to the Hosts Monitoring page. Users can now set this page to auto refresh, as well as easily see their hidden and delayed secondaries. We added warning icons and tooltips for authentication and host unreachable errors as well, which will help users diagnose issues.

The monitoring and backup agents also received some love in this cycle. For monitoring, we reduced unnecessary log messages for unsupported operations on MongoDB 2.2 hosts and added the ability to monitor hosts using Kerberos authentication. The backup agent got a major overhaul on handling timeouts, as well as support for alternate locations of certs. You can view the agent change logs for more information.

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– Rachelle (@techbelle)