MongoDB Helps Government Agencies Reduce Time to Mission Through Quickstart Solutions

Meghan Gill


Government organizations face serious challenges. Data volumes are growing. Budgets are shrinking. Legacy infrastructure can’t keep up as constituents demand modern applications.

That’s why we are offering Quickstart Solutions to government agencies. We want to make it easy for you to quickly experience the value of MongoDB and provide the foundation for your enterprise solution. Our Quickstart Solutions address the common data problems faced by government agencies, including:

  • Event Capture and Analysis to collect and provide access to a fast stream of data.
  • Entity Catalog to keep track of the millions or billions of assets, individuals, or other pieces of information that an organization handles.
  • Data as a Service to help organizations achieve an open data policy as well as sharing data within the enterprise.

Government entities – from municipalities all the way up to federal intelligence agencies – are already using MongoDB to speed up development and to provide higher quality applications, both for internal use and citizen engagement. For example, at MongoDB World this year, we heard stories from several government agencies:

  • The FCC's Visualizing Mobile Broadband project aggregates and analyzes mobile network performance data using MongoDB, allowing the public to query, consume, and visualize data geospatially.
  • The UK Government is transforming itself with MongoDB, making government services "so good that people prefer to use them" and making the government "digital by default."
  • The US Department of Veterans Affairs uses MongoDB as one logical, federated data store for all of its different types of data. Now, people can freely code as long as they know how to do an AJAX web services call.

Do you want to achieve similar results within your organization? Contact us to find out more about our Quickstart Solutions. Or, join us at MongoDB DC on October 14, where you'll hear directly from MongoDB government customers on how they're building applications never before possible.

Want to learn more but can't make it to the DC Area? Watch our video presentation, How Government Agencies are Using MongoDB to Build Data as a Service Solutions.