MongoDB Donates Laptops to Metropolitan School - Frankfurt

Cara Heimbaugh

MongoDB has teamed up with one of its customers, Cyntegrity, to provide 20 MacBook Air laptops to the Metropolitan School - Frankfurt (MSF). This step is part of an initiative to support the school’s students, including Ukrainian refugees who are studying there after leaving their home country due to instability created by war.

Cyntegrity is a German-based, risk-based quality management software company as well as a customer of MongoDB. Cyntegrity has a strong focus on education, and Artem Andrianov, the company’s CEO, has been a vehement supporter of those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine since the conflicts began in February 2022.

Support for Ukraine

Andrianov has positioned Cyntegrity to support displaced Ukrainians as well as those who actively work to aid in conflict zones. At the start of the conflict, Cyntegrity outlined their initial plan of support, including:

  • Hiring Ukrainian software developers, IT specialists, and software testers who have arrived in the European Union.

  • Making regular donations to Doctors Without Borders, which regularly treats victims in conflict zones.

  • Offering relocation packages to all employees affected by the conflict.

  • Developing The Butterfly Challenge, a program aimed at collaborating to make a difference and add value to the world around us all.

Knowing that Andrianov and Cyntegrity are always looking for ways to help displaced Ukrainian people, MongoDB employees Kevin Litwiak, Ladi Olusola, and Dayana Nikolova worked to procure the laptops and get them into the hands of people who could use them as learning tools.

Laptops for learning

Through collaboration with leadership at the MongoDB New York City headquarters, 20 laptops were collected and then distributed to MSF with the help of Andrianov, who worked behind the scenes to find an institution that would be able to use the laptops to support refugee aid efforts.

The laptops, pre-loaded with MongoDB, arrived at MSF with an aim to provide all students, including refugee-status students, with the technology they need to learn and to stay connected with family and friends as they enter a new life in Europe.

“This donation has been fabulous in improving our secondary school IT equipment,” said Tatyana Bogushevitch, head of marketing at Metropolitan School Frankfurt. “The laptops support the learning of all Secondary School students, including all our Ukrainian students. This donation is positively impacting the education of 350 students.”

Other ways to help Ukrainian refugees

Even as headlines focus on other topics, Ukrainian people are still being displaced and attempting to flee conflict for a stable life in other countries. The United Nations has reported that there are currently 5.2 million Ukrainian refugees who have fled their country and still need help.

Here are ways to support Ukrainian refugees across the globe:

  • Consider housing a refugee. Currently, most Ukrainian refugees have relocated largely to Poland, Germany, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia. You can register your interest in housing refugees by visiting Homes for Ukraine.

  • You can find opportunities to volunteer in local Ukrainian efforts by visiting Refugee Council USA.

  • You can donate to a variety of nonprofits working to support refugees as they migrate and after they settle. Visit the Save Ukraine website to learn more.

About Metropolitan School - Frankfurt

Metropolitan School - Frankfurt is an IB World School with a clear international profile offering an outstanding, inspirational education. Students are inspired to become well-rounded, independent thinkers equipped with the skills, knowledge, and understanding to master the challenges of the future.

Metropolitan School - Frankfurt has developed multiple initiatives to support Ukrainians as they are welcomed in Germany. Through its school kitchen — in cooperation with Werksküchen Catering and the volunteer time of teachers — it provides daily food supplies for up to 200 refugees per day, including snacks, fruit, and a hot meal for the arrivals after their long journey. The school also provides some daily necessities for refugees.

If you would like to assist in these efforts by the school, you can:

About Cyntegrity

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  • Control of risks, performance, and data quality

  • Application of the latest data mining technologies to gain new knowledge about the data

  • Follow up on the identified risks until resolution and development of a risk-based strategy for a focused use of resources are available for a trial

Cyntegrity’s intelligent RBQM solution has evolved in progressive ways over time and opened the opportunity for BioPharma to optimize the clinical trial operations with the GCP-driven workflow, predictive analytics, and intelligence of the specialized algorithms.

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MongoDB is also working to help support the people of Ukraine during this time. For those in Ukraine, MongoDB is offering free Atlas credits to a project called Unterkunft Ukraine, which helps refugees fleeing Ukraine find temporary housing. The company is also making MongoDB Atlas credits available for organizations that are developing software projects to help alleviate the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.

If you are working on a project that provides assistance in the region, fill out the application to apply for free MongoDB Atlas credits.