MongoDB Continues to be a Top NoSQL Skill



Now is the time to learn MongoDB which is quickly emerging as "winner of the next generation NoSQL database wars," according to David Kellogg, former CEO of MarkLogic, who says that due to "increasing returns in platform markets," the MongoDB community is growing exponentially. And

"the more people that use a database, the richer the community of people…the more jobs there are around it, which attracts more people to learn how to use it…[and] the more likely major universities are to teach how to use it in their computer science departments"

451 Group released their NoSQL skills index for September 2013. According to their analytics, displayed in the graphics below, MongoDB continues to grow as a leading NoSQL skill. MongoDB has extended its lead as the most popular NoSQL database according to mentions on LinkedIn profiles, which now account for 49% of all NoSQL technology mentions in LinkedIn profiles, compared with 47% in June. For more on 451's MongoDB skills analysis, visit their website. To learn more about NoSQL and MongoDB, check out the following resources below:



MongoDB University