MongoDB Congratulates the Nominees for the 7th Annual Crunchie Awards



For the 7th Annual Crunchie Awards, TechCrunch, Gigaom, and Venturebeat are coming together to celebrate the best of technology. MongoDB would like to extend special congratulations to several of this year’s nominees who use MongoDB.

Lyft is nominated for Best Collaborative Consumption Service. They use MongoDB to store and index geolocation data for their car-sharing service.

Mailbox and Tinder are nominated for Best Mobile Application. Mailbox uses MongoDB to store email and other related user data. Tinder, a social matching site, uses MongoDB to store messages sent between matches.

Coinbase, a digital wallet for Bitcoin, is nominated for the Best New Startup of 2013.

My Fitness Pal, using MongoDB to store status updates for newsfeeds, is nominated for Best Health Startup.

Optimizely and ZenDesk, which uses MongoDB to power their A/B testing and customer service softwares (respectively) are nominated for Sexiest Enterprise Startup.

The Crunchie Awards acknowledge the best and brightest startups, founders, and thought leaders of the year. Even better, the Internet helps decide who will win each award, which means that you can help out by voting for these great startups here. Voting closes this Sunday, January 26, so make sure to get in your votes by then.