MongoDB Blogroll: The Best of June 2012



Every month, we’ll be publishing the best community blog posts from the month. Here is the digest for June:

Rick Copeland wrote two posts on Python development with Ming, an ODM developed at SourceForge: Schema Maintenance with Ming and MongoDB and Declarative Schemas for MongoDB in Python using Ming.

After his talk on Geolocation, Maps and MongoDB at MongoDB UK, Derick Rethans wrote a post on Indexing Freeform-Tagged Data.

MongoDB developer Kristina Chodorow continued her series on replica sets internals with a post on initial sync.

With the Mongoose version 3 release imminent, Aaron Heckmann started a series of posts on the newest features for the node.js ODM. The first post covers versioning and the second covers FindAndModify.

Ryan McGeary wrote a post on schema design at BusyConf, winning 10gen’s recent blogging contest. To see the rest of the entries, check out

10gen interviewed several MongoDB users on their blog, including Xperscore, Merchpin,, and Equal Experts.

Dwight Merriman, one of the MongoDB committers, wrote a post on Why MongoDB is (somewhat) feature-heavy.

The team at Buffer, a social media management tool, blogged about using MongoDB for real-time analytics

5in5NYC recently published their “10gen and friends” episode, featuring five New York City based startups working with MongoDB: 10gen,, Bitfloor, Crowdtap, and NextBigSound.