MongoDB Atlas Integrations for CDKTF are now Generally Available

Darshana Paithankar and Zuhair Ahmed

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools allows developers to manage and provision infrastructure resources through code, rather than through manual configuration. IaC have empowered developers to apply similar best practices from software development to application instructure deployments. This includes:

  • Automation - helping to ensure repeatable, consistent, and reliable infrastructure deployments

  • Version Control - check in IaC code into GitHub, BitBucket, or GitLab for improved team collaboration and higher code quality

  • Security - create clear audit trails of each infrastructure modification

  • Disaster Recovery - IaC scripts can be used to quickly recreate infrastructure in the event of availability zone or region outages

  • Cost Savings - prevent overprovisioning and waste of cloud resources

  • Improved Compliance - easier to enforce organizational policies and standards

Today we are doubling down on this commitment and announcing MongoDB Atlas integrations with CDKTF (Cloud Development Kit for Terraform). These new integrations are built on top of the Atlas Admin API and allow users to automate infrastructure deployments by making it easy to provision, manage, and control Atlas infrastructure as code in the cloud without first having to create in HCL or YAML configuration scripts.

CDKTF abstracts away the low-level details of cloud infrastructure, making it easier for developers to define and manage their infrastructure natively in their programming language of choice. Under the hood, CDKTF is converted into Terraform config files on your behalf. This helps to simplify the deployment process and eliminates context switching.

MongoDB Atlas & HashiCorp Terraform:

MongoDB began this journey with our partners at HashiCorp when we launched the HashiCorp Terraform MongoDB Atlas Provider in 2019. We then have since grown to 10M+ downloads over all time and our provider is the number one provider in the database category.

Today we are delighted to support all CDKTF supported languages including JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Java , Go, and .NET. In addition, with CDKTF users are free to deploy their MongoDB Atlas resources to AWS, Azure and Google Cloud enabling true multi-cloud deployments.

Learn how to get started via this quick demo.

Start building today!

MongDB Atlas CDKTF integrations are free and open source licensed under Mozilla Public License 2.0. Users only pay for underlying Atlas resources created and can get started with Atlas always free tier (M0 clusters).

Getting started today is faster than ever with MongoDB Atlas and CDK for HashiCorp Terraform. We can’t wait to see what you will build next with this powerful combination!