MongoDB Atlas Expands in the Middle East


We’re proud to announce further expansion in the Middle East with the launch of MongoDB Atlas on AWS in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) region. MongoDB Atlas is now available in 22 AWS regions around the world, including eight Asia Pacific regions and three Middle East and Africa regions.

The UAE region is an AWS Recommended Region, meaning it has three Availability Zones (AZ), bringing significant infrastructure to the Middle East. When you deploy a cluster in the UAE, Atlas automatically distributes replicas to the different AZs for higher availability. If there’s an outage in one zone, the Atlas cluster will automatically fail over to keep running in the other two. And you can also deploy multi-region clusters with the same automatic failover built-in.

We’re delighted that — as with customers in Bahrain, Cape Town, and more — United Arab Emirates organizations will now be able to keep data in their own country, delivering low-latency performance and ensuring confidence in data locality. We’re confident our UAE customers in government, financial services, and utilities in particular will appreciate this capability as they build tools to improve citizens’ lives and better serve their local users.