MongoDB at the AWS Pop-Up Loft NYC

Jay Gordon


Amazon Web Services recently hosted Database Architecture Week at the AWS New York City Pop-Up Loft, and the MongoDB team participated in a lively discussion on leveraging NoSQL technologies on Amazon Web Services.

MongoDB Atlas, our new hosted database as a service, fits nicely into the existing AWS ecosystem. Just like many AWS products, MongoDB Atlas is completely on demand, allowing you to conduct quick, inexpensive tests. Simply spin up a cluster in minutes and terminate it when you are finished. MongoDB Atlas, which is highly available by default, also automates MongoDB best practices, making it the easiest way to run a production workload with confidence.

The morning began with a discussion by Padma Malligarjunan, Sr. Technical Account Manager from Amazon Web Services, about NoSQL options available on the AWS Cloud Platform. Padma provided an in-depth discussion on the benefits of running production NoSQL workloads on various datastores, but provided key details on how to deploy MongoDB.

Padme focused on a number of MongoDB related subjects, but the audience was most interested in scaling, durability and best practices. Her insight gave the group a head start on a day of discussions, demos and hands-on labs.

After Padme finished, we got a chance to meet Henry Clifford, CTO of is an app devoted to sharing information about upcoming events in your area. Henry described the large amount of event data that Live works with on a daily basis and how MongoDB Atlas is a great fit for their use case. also leverages our new MongoDB Connector for Spark to run Spark analytics directly on MongoDB.

By using MongoDB Atlas, was able to reduce the total overhead required for their DevOps team by eliminating a huge portion of their infrastructure maintenance that otherwise would have been managed internally. This reduction in day-to-day overhead increases the amount of time can work on new features.

After Henry spoke, I got some free time to hand out our swag and meet some existing and potential users of MongoDB Atlas, including a developer who migrated off Parse to MongoDB Atlas (with help from our newly released M123 MongoDB University course) after he needed a more reliable backend for his iOS application.

Finally, it was time for the SWAG! Our wonderful and extremely fun events coordinator Katie Moon sent me tons of these awesome Rubik's Cubes to hand out.

Want one too? No problem. MongoDB will be at the San Francisco Pop-Up loft to present information on Atlas and other great products soon. Check out the events page on our website:

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