MongoDB Assistance to Ukraine, Shut Down of Work in Russia


Update: Applications are closed. Applications were accepted through May 31, 2022.

Over the past few weeks, the situation in Ukraine has escalated into a full-fledged war and humanitarian crisis. We continue to monitor the situation and its impact across the world. At this time, MongoDB does not have any offices or employees based in Russia. We have had limited business operations in Russia.

The breadth of the new sanctions from the US and internationally is unprecedented, and MongoDB has taken action to comply with them. We will not sell our cloud services to customers in Russia and Belarus and we will not sell any more MongoDB software to customers in Russia or Belarus.

For those in Ukraine, MongoDB is trying to do our part to help in a number of ways. MongoDB employees have donated directly to organizations that are helping people in crisis in the region. MongoDB, as an organization, has offered free Atlas credits to a project called Unterkunft Ukraine, which helps refugees fleeing Ukraine find temporary housing.

We are also making free MongoDB Atlas credits available for organizations that are developing software projects to help alleviate the current humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. If you are working on a project that provides assistance in the region, fill out the application to apply for free MongoDB Atlas credits.